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How to level up fast in Apex Legends and get through that battle pass quicker

How to level up fast in Apex Legends

How to level up fast in Apex Legends may sound like an impossible ask, especially if you get killed the moment your boots touch the floor, but if you know what to do in order to get that sweet, extra XP then you’ll reach tier 100 on the battle pass in no time. It doesn't seem obvious at first glance and the first few tiers of levelling up in Apex Legends may take you a while, but we've got some tips and tricks to help you learn how to level up fast in Apex Legends.

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How to level up fast in Apex Legends - tips & tricks

Apex Legends Bonus XP

Levelling up fast in Apex Legends may seem like a slog since you need 29,500 XP per tier of the battle pass, but there's a couple of ways you can increase this. The first is by playing much slower and cautiously; you get much more XP in Apex Legends by surviving longer. Kills and reviving your teammates grant hardly any XP compared to the amount you get for simply surviving. If you're the type of player to go for high kill games but you don't survive very long, try camping your way into the final few teams to earn more XP.

You also need to make sure you're maximising the bonus XP each week. How this works is that every single week, you'll have the opportunity to earn an extra 25k XP for each of the nine characters. When you hit the 25k XP cap for the week, start using another character and you can earn even more. It encourages people to use different legends other than their mains, and earn extra XP while doing so.

While the 25k XP gets doubled every week (so people who bought in during week one will now have a 50k XP cap), if you're just picking up the battle pass, you'll start with just a 25k cap. It's a somewhat confusing system but basically, you can earn an extra 25k bonus XP per character, per week.

Finally, make sure you're playing with friends! For each friend you play with you get a bonus 5% XP that gets added to your time survived XP. Play with two buddies and you get an extra 10% XP, so if you can make it to the top three or even win the majority of your games, you'll start soaring through the ranks.

That's all there is to it! Reaching tier 100 won't be easy at all, but if you maximise your bonus XP and generally become good at the game, you should make it in time.

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