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Apex Legends Pathfinder character guide: How to master the robot Spider-Man

If it's been your dream to play as a happy-go-lucky robot, then our Apex Legends Pathfinder guide is for you. He's the mechanical version of Spider-Man, able to swing and propel himself into battle like there's no tomorrow. Pathfinder also has some of the best voice lines and quips in Apex Legends, as he'll often tell his teammates - i.e. those with working respiratory systems - to breathe. Read on for our complete Apex Legends Pathfinder guide.

We've also got an overview of all the best Apex Legends characters, along with detailed guides for each one individually below.

Apex Legends Pathfinder ultimate & abilities explained

Apex Legends Pathfinder ultimate & abilities

While Pathfinder is in the support class alongside Lifeline, it can't offer any healing benefits. Pathfinder's support comes in other forms, such as Insider Knowledge; a passive ability that allows it to scan small beacons to reveal where the next safe zone will be after the existing zone has shrunk. There's only 10 of them on the map (although Respawn are increasing this to 12 with the Apex Legends battle pass Season One update) so you can't do this frequently.

Pathfinder's tactical ability is where it shines, because it has an immensely high skill ceiling. Called Grappling Hook, it... well, it's pretty obvious what it does. The range isn't too long so you can't zoom across the map in one shot, but there is a lot to learn with it. You can easily grapple onto roofs and around corners, but when you learn the intricate mechanics of the Grappling Hook is when Pathfinder becomes an incredible Legend. More on that shortly.

Zipline Gun is Pathfinder's ultimate, and this is where the team support comes in. Just like the plethora of ziplines found around the map, you can place a custom one that will attach to anywhere, as long as there's no obstacle in-between that you may crash into. This means you can reach otherwise inaccessible locations, and it stays there permanently, so your team can get up there with you. Keep an eye on your behinds though because of course, this means enemies can use it too.

How to play Pathfinder in Apex Legends - Tips & tricks

Apex Legends Pathfinder Zipline

  • Scan beacons right after the previous circle has just shrunk - Insider Knowledge can be very useful in the right situations, but to make the most of it, try to scan the beacons as soon as the safe zone has shrunk so your team has the most time to reach and set up in the new area.
  • Use the Zipline Gun frequently - Pathfinder has one of the quickest regenerating ultimate abilities, so you can deploy ziplines often. Don't be afraid of saving the ultimate if you need to just zip across a short distance into battle - you'll have it back in no time at all.
  • Propel yourself forward with the Grappling Gun - One technique that isn't too tricky to learn with the Grappling Gun is how to propel yourself forward when you're sprinting along. Firing it directly at a wall is for noobs; instead, aim at the furthest spot on the ground in front of you that it'll reach, then fire and jump right before it connects. You'll get some serious airtime and cover much more ground.
  • The grapple breaks when you look more than 90° away - You can essentially swing forever on your Grappling Hook, as long as you never look more than 90° away from where it's connected. Use this to your advantage and if you're swinging round a corner, look away at the peak of the swing to fly much further that you otherwise would.
  • Never look directly at your grapple point - This works because you'll always move in the way you're facing, so if you do want to fly through the air like a majestic gazelle, never look directly at the point of contact with your grapple because you'll just zip straight toward it.

How does the Pathfinder hitbox compare to other legends?

Pathfinder's hitbox used to be oversized - much larger than his actual character model - which made him an easy target. With the launch of the Apex Legends battle pass however, he's been fixed so while he's still one of the bigger characters in the game, it's not quite as unfair anymore. We don't have the exact dimensions of Pathfinder's new hitbox, but you can be certain he won't be taking bullets that should actually fly past him.

Apex Legends Pathfinder voice actor - Chris Edgerly

Apex Legends Pathfinder voice actor - Chris Edgerly

If you're wondering who does the robotic voice that well, Chris Edgerly is your man. He's mainly known for voicing various characters across 173 episodes of The Simpsons, along with 31 episodes as Gobber the Belch in Dreamworks Dragons. When it comes to other video games, he also voiced Havharo in Final Fantasy XII, Cid Highwind in Kingdom Hearts II, and Dennis Carradine in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Who's ready to fly on a zipline?!

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