Apex Legends Loba: abilities revealed, voice actor, and more for the new translocating thief

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Apex Legends Loba is nearly live in-game, and she's put aside her obsession with avenging her parents' death and has decided to shake down the arena for all the treasure it's got.

Loba is dropping with Apex Legends season 5, and now we have all of the details about the new, classy addition to the arena. Her translocation ability mean she'll be as mobile as Wraith but even more surprising, and her ultimate will let her squad shop around an area for good loot without having to scramble to every lootbox in Apex Legends. She's wearing heels, give her a break.

Aside from Loba's abilities, which we'll get into below, it looks like she might have a slightly larger hitbox than Wraith or Wattson, but that's because - I'll say it- Loba's thicc.

Now that you can start playing as the sassiest member of the Legends crew, here's everything we know about her character, Loba's abilities, and even her voice actor, who has an incredibly perfect name. Revenant, who, am I right?

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Apex Legends Loba abilities

Apex Legends Loba abilities have finally been confirmed and the update is dropping later today. As you might have suspected, Loba is incredibly mobile and loot-driven, so expect players to take to her who like to move fast and get in firefights often.

Passive ability: Eye for Quality
Loba can see high-tier loot through buildings and other structures, and from a distance. That means she'll be able to help you scope out an area and decide whether or not it's worth heading in there.

Tactical ability: Burglar's Best Friend
Using this ability, Loba throws a translocation bracelet that she can then teleport to at mid-range.

Ultimate ability: Black Market Boutique
Loba places a portable device (her wolf walking stick) that allows her to teleport nearby loot to her team's inventory. Keep in mind that each friendly or enemy Legend can take up to two items.

Apex Legends Loba voice actor

Loba is classy, sassy, and exactly the kind of woman you'd expect to put her boot to your neck. However, the story of the voice actor behind the high society theif may be the coolest one in Apex Legends yet - and it's all in a name. Loba is the Spanish word for wolf, and nods to the wolf are everywhere in Loba's outfit and in teaser trailers for the character. The name of her voice actor? Fryda Wolff. Nope, we aren't kidding. It's just incredibly cool stuff, guys. 

That's it, all of Apex Legends Loba's abilities and details about the character, right before she drops into the arena. Meet you there.

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