Apex Legends Season 5 launch trailer shows off Loba's skills

(Image credit: EA/Respawn)

We've got our Apex Legends Season 5 launch trailer, and that means we're getting a closer look at Loba, the latest character dropping with the new season on May 12. Check out the trailer below.

It's just as we suspected: Loba Andrade is the daughter of Marcos Andrade, the man Revenant kills in the Season 4 launch trailer, and she's looking for revenge (the trailer is set to the aptly-titled "I Know Your Secrets" by Tommee Profitt feat. Liv Ash). Loba knows Revenant's secrets and is searching for his human remains, using her translocating skills to break into a Hammond Robotics lab that sits underground on Kings Canyon. 

Revenant is a Simulacrum - a type of robot introduced in the Titanfall series -  a machine that has a human consciousness uploaded into it. It looks like Hammond Robotics stores the source material for their robots, and Loba wants to destroy it so Revenant can't use his Death Totem ever again. 

Too bad her attempts fail, and she has to settle for just shooting Revenant in the face in the arena - for now. However, it's clear that Loba's little break-in and the havoc she causes dramatically alters a part of the Kings Canyon map, so keep an eye out for where on the map the new location will be.

The Season 5 trailer also gives us a sneak peek at Loba's skills, which will obviously center on her translocating abilities. However, it looks like she can do more than just throw a device that she then transports to - at around 1:05 in the trailer, after Loba accidentally sets off the alarm trying to destroy Revenant's human face, robots appear and begin to arm up. Before one can snatch an R-301 and begin firing on her, Loba uses some type of translocating tech to teleport the weapon into her hands. I wonder if that will be her ability that runs on a recharge, while the translocating is her ultimate ability. 

I'm super excited to see how Loba plays when she debuts with Apex Legends season 5 on May 12. For more on the cool new Legend, check out the Stories from the Outlands video detailing Loba's backstory.

We know Apex Legends season 5 will have a "pleasant surprise" for Titanfall fans, but what will it be?

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