Apex Legends season 5: Gameplay trailer, Loba abilities, and PvE quests

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Apex Legends season 5: Fortune's Favor is dropping May 12, and the gameplay trailer has got us hyped for it (it's even set to a cover of Duran Duran's "Hungry Like the Wolf" which we requested when we first saw Loba's teaser trailer). The new season is bringing new Apex Legends Loba along with it, as well as a new PvE mode called Season Quests. 

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Apex Legends season 5 gameplay trailer

Season 5 will usher in a new Battle Pass, with over 100 new exclusive items including Legendary skins, Apex Packs, and hopefully a ton of Loba skins. It's also introducing something entirely new to the arena: Season Quests. Based on the gameplay trailer below, it looks like you'll need to help Loba add a "rare and valuable treasure" to her collection by completing quests that pop-up on screen while playing in the new PvE mode. You'll complete those quests by finding clues and surviving waves of enemies, and be handsomely rewarded for your efforts.

Apex Legends season 5 may have been pushed back a week, but it looks like that delay will be worth the wait. A bunch of new cosmetics are dropping with the season, including one of Mirage's best skins yet (think Poe Dameron with a beard) and a badass Wingman skin.

Apex Legends Loba abilities

Loba's abilities are on full display in the latest gameplay trailer and it looks like she's going to seriously change up the Apex Legends meta. Why? Loba is all about the loot, baby, and all of her abilities are tailored to helping her and her squadmates get the best loot first.

Loba's tactical ability is called Burglar's Best Friend. It's a mid-range translocation ability which will let you get out of sticky situations or move behind enemies. It looks like she may have two uses of her tactical with a cooldown in-between. Her passive ability, Eye for Quality, allows Loba to see high-tier loot through structures and from far away. And her ultimate ability, Black Market Boutique, lets her squad cycle through all the loot in the area and pick whatever they'd like. You've heard of a wolf hound - Loba is a loot hound, and if you're gameplay is based on getting the best loot as fast as you can, then you'll want her on your team.

Loba's abilities are going to shift the meta around quite a bit, but I'm also here for her bitchin' attitude - at the end of the trailer, she tells Revenant to smile more before shooting him in the face with a P2020. Literally slay, sis. 

Apex Legends season 5 ranked

A new season means a new Ranked series, and Season 5 will bring in Ranked Series 4 (sorry for the number confusion). Whether you like it or not, Apex is sticking with the map split they debuted in Series 3: six weeks of ranked play on one map, before a complete rank reset and swap to a new map. Rumor has it that the Series 4 rank split will start with Kings Canyon on May 12, then swap over (and reset ranks) to World's Edge on June 23. 

Also, Apex is introducing a Reconnect feature to its matchmaking - if you get disconnected due to internet issues, brownouts, or a game crash, you can hop back into the game session you were previously in. This is a great feature, and mimics competitive multiplayer games like Overwatch, which lets me rejoin whenever my dodgy Wi-Fi gives out (which is far too often).

Apex Legends Kings Canyon season 5

Loba destroyed quite a bit of Kings Canyon with her attempts to get to Revenant's human remains, hidden deep the map in a Hammond Robotics (or Singh Labs) laboratory. The destruction was so widespread that it parts of the map fell into the ocean surrounding it, creating a bay area called Savlage. 

Whatever lies there for you, I'm sure it'll be dangerous. 

We're still waiting to see how that Titanfall Easter egg in the leadup to Apex Legends season 5 will pay off.

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