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Apex Legends Lifeline character guide: How to be the best combat medic in the game

Want to be a team player and support your allies in the arena? You should be playing Apex Legends Lifeline, because she's the backbone of any team she's in. Her deployable D.O.C. health drone can restore your pals to full health in no time at all, and you can dish out birthday presents with her care package in Apex Legends. She's not easy to play though so if you want some tips, follow our Apex Legends Lifeline guide below.

We've also got an overview of all the best Apex Legends characters, along with detailed guides for each one individually below.

Apex Legends Lifeline abilities & ultimate explained

Apex Legends Lifeline abilities & ultimate

Lifeline is a medic, so as you'd expect, all three of her abilities revolve around supporting her teammates. Her passive is Combat Medic; all healing items are consumed 25% faster, so you can apply them quicker in the middle of a fight. Combat Medic also means she revives teammates faster than usual, and she's protected by a large shield wall when reviving.

Her tactical ability is the D.O.C Heal Drone, which stands for Drone Of Compassion. Can you guess what this does? It allows Lifeline to heal her teammates to max health if they stand near the drone when deployed, although it doesn't regenerate shields at all.

When it comes to the Lifeline ultimate, make sure you're stacking up on Ultimate Accelerant because it can be crucial to staying alive. The Care Package is a Lifeline-specific supply drop that she can call in from the skies to a nearby location, which means that her team can usually get two to three Care Packages in a single game. Since she's a medic, you won't find any elite-tier weapons like the Kraber or Mastiff in these, but you will be able to find gold items like Body Armour, Backpacks, Helmets, and Knockdown Shields.

How to play Lifeline in Apex Legends - Tips & tricks

Apex Legends Lifeline D.O.C Heal Drone

  • When reviving, always consider the position of the shield wall - Lifeline's shield wall while reviving can be the difference between surviving and being killed when in the revive animation, because it covers any shots coming from a single direction. There's no point healing someone while facing a wall as Lifeline, because you could have protection from almost all angles.
  • Deploy your heal drone after every fight - The most infuriating thing when someone else is playing Lifeline is if they don't know when to drop the D.O.C Heal Drone. If you see that a teammate is weak, go up to them and drop the heal drone to save them from consuming healing supplies that could come in handy during a tense battle.
  • Use every Ultimate Accelerant you see - We mention this briefly above but if your Care Package ultimate isn't available, consume as many Ultimate Accelerants as possible. Lifeline's ultimate takes the longest to charge, and Ultimate Accelerants will often be the key to obtaining the best gear much sooner.

How does the Lifeline hitbox compare to other Legends?

Compared to the other characters in Apex Legends, Lifeline almost has the smallest hitbox. Hers is 37 square cm, compared to Wraith, which is 33 square cm. This means that she's a much smaller target to hit than someone like Gibraltar or Caustic, so if you find yourself dying a lot, try switching to Lifeline or Wraith and see if it helps. You can read more about the Apex Legends hitboxes in our guide.

Apex Legends Lifeline voice actress - Mela Lee

Apex Legends Lifeline voice actress - Mela Lee

Mela Lee is no stranger to voicing video game characters, and she's back again with Lifeline in Apex Legends. From Rachel Alucard in the BlazBlue series to Tiki in Fire Emblem and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mela has also featured in a plethora of anime shows and other types of media, including playing Caroline Cordovin in RWBY. She's the voice of Lifeline, so come get your care package here!

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