Apex Legends Wraith character guide: Play out of this world with the interdimensional skirmisher

Apex Legends Wraith is a character surrounded by mystery, and is also one of the smallest heroes available in the game, which makes her a popular choice for players. There's also the small matter of her communicating with an alternate universe, and the ability to become practically invisible when needed, which means if you like your Apex Legends action to be fast paced then she could be the one for you. If you want to get the best out of her abilities and learn how to use her properly, then check out our Apex Legends Wraith guide here.

Wraith is the smallest character in Apex Legends, with a hitbox that probably can only be seen by a microscope. Or someone who can aim. Because she’s so impossible to hit, Respawn have added a passive ability called Low Profile that increases damage taken by 5%.

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Apex Legends Wraith abilities & ultimate explained

Apex Legends Wraith abilities & ultimate

Voices From The Void is Wraith's passive ability, and it's somewhat hit and miss. Essentially, whenever there's an enemy aiming at you or your team and you're not already in a fight, a button prompt will appear to allow Wraith to notify her teammates there's an enemy looking at them. Sometimes this can be incredibly useful, for example if you're healing up from the previous fight and you know an enemy is about to shoot at you, you can sprint off to take cover before they get a shot off. On the other hand, sometimes the enemies won't shoot at you whatsoever so you simply know someone has a line of sight on your team, but you haven't the foggiest where they actually are.

Wraith's tactical ability is where things get very interesting. Into The Void allows Wraith to turn almost invisible - except for a ghostly blue trail - and avoid all damage as she runs to another location to either flank enemies or flee when under fire. It only lasts for a short time though, so you need to scamper quickly to ensure enemies can't follow you.

Dimensional Rift, Wraith's ultimate, allows her to place two portals. Activate it to place the first one, then when it runs out, the exit will be placed down. They stick around for 60 seconds and the portals can be used in many different ways, which we'll get on to next.

How to play Wraith in Apex Legends - Tips & tricks

Apex Legends Wraith Into the Void

  • Use Dimensional Rift to allow teammates to catch up - One of the ways Wraith's ultimate can be used is when you've gone scouting ahead of your team. If they're still looting and you're moving on, place a portal as you leave then drop another one further down the track. Your teammates can catch up with you almost instantly, rather than being stuck lagging behind. This is especially useful if you run into some trouble, so your pals can lend a hand.
  • Wait near one portal to bait enemies through - You know how tempting it is to charge through another team's portal headfirst to try and catch them with their theoretical pants down. If you leave a portal in the open then lie in wait at the other end, there's a good chance another team may come through to chase you but instead, you'll be there ready to pump them full of lead. Also, you know if someone else is using your portal because there's a loud sound effect when someone is about to exit.
  • Place a portal when running from the storm - If the safe zone is shrinking and you're running for safety, throw down a portal then place another one in an open location inside the safe zone. Like the last tip, enemies will likely go through it but rather than being welcomed by your team with guns, they'll simply land in the storm and start taking damage. Bonus points if you can time it so the portal closes right as they exit in the storm.

How does the Wraith hitbox compare to other Legends?

As you may have guessed from her character model, Wraith is the smallest Legend in Apex Legends. Coming in at a tiny 33 square cm, combined with her strange Naruto-esque running animation, Wraith is the hardest Legend to hit. This makes her a much more appealing choice for players and likely contributes to her popularity at the moment, because it's easier to stay alive. Respawn has confirmed that they'll be keeping an eye on hitboxes though, so that could in the future to make her more in line with the other Legends.

Apex Legends Wraith voice actress - Shantel VanSanten

Apex Legends Wraith voice actress - Shantel VanSanten

Wraith's voice actress is Shantel VanSanten, an American model and actress who has never starred in a video game before now. However, she has been in multiple TV shows such as playing Vera Buckley in The Messengers, Quinn James in One Tree Hill, and Julie Swagger in Shooter. She's also been in some films like The Final Destination as Lori Milligan and You And I as Jane Sawyer.

Good luck embracing the void and travelling through dimensions!

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