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The best upcoming Xbox One indie games heading your way

Everyone knows Xbox for Halo, for Player Unknown's Battlegrounds, and of course Cuphead. But on the horizon are a ton of indies marching their way towards Microsoft's console, all with their own unique slant. A couple are sure to steal your heart, but don't worry: not all of them are small bite-sized adventures. 

So let us guide you through some of the most exciting indie games heading to Xbox One, via Microsoft's ID@Xbox program. There's things you might recognise, like Ooblets very pokemon flavoured creature capturing, or Surviving Mars sim-tastic take on world building and survival. And everything else in between, from horror, RPGs and multiplayer. Take a look at what's on the way. 


We can’t get enough of how adorable and full of character this looks – it’s like a monster-hunting game crossed with elements of farming that reminds us a bit of the excellent Stardew Valley. You start off in a rundown farm that you’ll customise and improve over time, heading out into the world of Oob to meet people and gather seeds that you can then cultivate and grow into an army of Ooblet creatures of your very own. Explore the town, or the numerous other biomes to find different creatures, and you’ll also find people to battle your little clutch against in Pokémon-style fights. You can also dress them up in silly hats and tutus, which is basically the OXM office dress code so we’re all in.

Dev: Glumberland
Release: 2018

Surviving Mars

Ever wondered what it would be like if humans started a colony in space? Not just as a cool idea, but the practicalities: how will it all get built? How will everyone be fed? What happens if a meteor hits? Well, this project will help you find out as you manage a small colony on Mars to help it grow and survive. You can control everything, including the first wave of robots who will explore and set up things like solar panels to prepare for the later arrival of humans and scan for potential resources. It’s being made by the team behind the Tropico games so you know you’re in for a great strategy game.

Dev: Paradox Interactive
Release: 2018

Hello, Neighbor

It’s a well known fact that sweater vests and facial hair are inherently evil, so when a dude fitting just that description moves in next door you know something is up. He might act all nice and normal when you see him inside, but deep down you know that there must be a sinister secret hiding behind his beady little eyes. The solution? Sneak into his house to investigate without letting him know you’re there. You’ll have to stealthily skulk around, or hide to avoid him, or use items found around his house to set up traps to buy you enough time to uncover his dirty secret before he catches you. It might look jolly, but this is horribly tense stuff as you do your best to survive.

Dev: Dynamic Pixels
Release: 8 December 2017

Black Desert Online

Known for its insanely beautiful graphics and impressive character creator, this MMO has been out on PC for a while, but thanks to ID@Xbox it’s now making the leap to Xbox One too. It’s also going to be cross- play so you’ll be able to play with people already on PC, meaning there will be a large community in place to play with right from the start. You can play as a human, elf or giant, slashing your way through a high-fantasy countryside full of gorgeous vistas and quests to take on. The combat itself is action-based so should feel right at home on a controller, and there are several classes to pick from, including ninjas, rangers and warriors, meaning there will be something to suit your playstyle.

Dev: Pearl Abyss
Release: Spring 2018

The Last Night

It’s rare to be so utterly blown away by pixel art, but this little beaut is one of the most stylish games we’ve ever seen. It reminds us a lot of Blade Runner and its dingy sci-fi future city full of neon signs and flying taxis. It’s set in a world where robots and AI have taken over all jobs so humans don’t have to work, so define themselves by what they consume instead of what they do. It’s a tale about survival, but not your typical one about food and water – it’s more about finding your purpose to keep you going. It’s an interesting theme, and one that befits its lush setting. It’s one to look out for if you want to try something a bit different.

Dev: Odd Tales
Release: 2018

The Darwin Project

Another movie-inspired concept here, though this time it’s a multiplayer combat game set in a Hunger Games-like arena where you win by being the last one standing. Set in a future where a new ice- age is incoming, an entertainment / survival training show has been devised that sees you stuck in a cold wasteland where you need to murder everyone to survive – while still entertaining. You’ll have to deal with the extreme environment, set traps and use skills to track down your opponents. But while all that’s going on there’s also a Show Director mode, that lets you watch the action and potentially influence the outcome of the match to give the underdog an advantage, or vice versa. It’s a neat addition to add some intrigue to the setting.

Dev: Scavengers Studio
Release: 2018

Path of Exile

While this top-down action game has been out on PC since 2013, it’s making its console debut on Xbox One with four-years worth of content all at once. If you’ve ever played Diablo 3 then this will be familiar – you pick one of several classes, grabbing up loads of loot and making devastating attacks that let you take on floods of bad guys at once. After being abandoned on a hellscape of an island in nothing but a loincloth, you eventually become an absolute badass, which is all we want from video games. Areas and items are randomly generated so you’ll always have somewhere new to explore. It’s also free-to- play and has a deep end-game so it’s worth having a go when it’s out later this year.

Dev: Grinding Gear Games
Release: Winter 2017


This arena brawler might look quite simple on the surface, but is actually surprisingly deep and has already found a lot of success in its early access on PC. You pick a fighter to take into the arena alongside a friend or two in 2v2 or 3v3 battles and try to pummel your opponents before they do the same to you. It’s incredibly competitive, and with it being held in fairly small arenas it’s also extremely tight, making for some pretty intense matches. It feels a bit like Overwatch, but in miniature – your chosen heroes bound about the arena vying for dominance and, ultimately, victory, but all in a wonderfully chaotic and bright style.

Dev: Stunlock Studios
Release: TBC