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Splinter Cell: Conviction PS3 dated?

The previously 360 and PC-only Splinter Cell Conviction is now also set for a simultaneous release on PS3, according major UK retailer GAME.

The site also pens the game to release on all three formats on April 1, despite previous announcements only stating a vague early 2008 release.

As we all know, retailers have a tendency to let slip on things publishers don't always want revealing. Just look atKonami's latest announcement,of which first word came from a very similar posting.

However, Ubisoft UK has told CVG that neither a PS3 version of Conviction, or any proposed release date, have been confirmed by the publisher.

We knew that though, that's why we called. We'll keep the sniffer dogs out on this one...

Courtesy of CVG

Jan 22, 2008