Speedball II on XBLA August

Empire Interactive has officially confirmed the development of a long-demanded Xbox Live Arcade version of Speedball II: Brutal Deluxe, which is expected on Xbox 360 this August.

The XBLA version is said to be a perfect conversion of the original Bitmap Brothers classic, with the addition of new teams, download content and an obligatory high definition version.

"We are pleased to be bringing this all-time classic to Xbox Live Arcade," comments Ian Higgins, CEO Empire Interactive. "With its brutal and addictive gameplay, and the ability to play multiplayer over Xbox Live, we are sure this will be the definitive version of Speedball."

Silverstar Holdings CEO Clive Kabatznik adds: "This is another example of Empire updating a classic IP and bringing it to a brand new audience. Double Dragon is our first foray onto Xbox Live Arcade, our announcement of Speedball II demonstrates our continued intention to bring high quality classic titles to a broader market."

When it arrives, Speedball II will cost 800 Microsoft points ($10). Mark your calendars.

June 12, 2007