Everything you missed at SDCC 2017

San Diego Comic Con has been and gone for another year, and while we're sad to see it go we've had big news about Avengers: Infinity War (opens in new tab), Justice League (opens in new tab), and more to keep us going. Not to mention Star Trek: Discovery (opens in new tab), The Defenders (opens in new tab), Stranger Things (opens in new tab)... *gets dizzy*

In fact, so much happened at this year's Comic Con that you'd be forgiven for missing a few things, which is why we're put everything in the below news feed (in most recent order), so you can catch up on anything you missed. Get over your post-SDCC blues by reliving the best moments and reminding yourself of anything you missed. 

Live feed:

8 things we learnt about the MCU from the SDCC Marvel Studios panel (opens in new tab)

4 things we learnt about Stranger Things season 2 from the SDCC panel (opens in new tab)

5 things you might have missed in the Westworld season 2 teaser (opens in new tab)

Here's how Discovery's First Officer is related to an iconic Star Trek character (SPOILERS) (opens in new tab)

Thor: Ragnarok’s unseen SDCC footage shows how he's captured by The Grandmaster - here are the details (opens in new tab)

Michelle Pfeiffer, the South Korean shuffle, and the Quantum Realm - the Ant-Man and the Wasp SDCC footage you didn't see (opens in new tab)

New Avengers: Infinity War SDCC poster reveals first look at Cap, Black Widow, and Teen Groot (opens in new tab)

Ant-Man and the Wasp scores Michelle Pfieffer as Janet Van Dyne (plus, loads more join the cast!) (opens in new tab)

"Black Panther is looking unmissable" - here's what happens in the SDCC footage you can't watch yet (opens in new tab)

Captain Marvel is set in the '90s, and features the Skrulls and Nick Fury (with two eyes!) (opens in new tab)

"Like every kid's dream!" - here's the best SDCC reactions to the Avengers: Infinity War trailer (opens in new tab)

Thor: Ragnarok SDCC trailer finds Thor and Hulk at war with the Goddess of Death (opens in new tab)

Westworld season 2 SDCC trailer - it's a bloody robot rebellion! (opens in new tab)

Here's every Easter egg in the Ready Player One trailer we could find (opens in new tab)

Stranger Things season 2 SDCC 2017 trailer teases a thriller of a season and Eleven's return (opens in new tab)

Star Trek Discovery SDCC 2017 trailer is big on two things: Klingons and explosions (opens in new tab)

Here's what happens in the "wildly ambitious" SDCC Aquaman footage you won't see online (opens in new tab)

Spawn is coming back to the big screen, with creator Todd McFarlane to direct (opens in new tab)

New Justice League SDCC trailer finally shows off the big bad Steppenwolf in action (opens in new tab)

Here are all 9 (yes, 9!) DC movies confirmed by Warner Bros. during their San Diego Comic Con 2017 panel (opens in new tab)

Watch the Ready Player One trailer and let's play 'Count the Pop Culture References' (opens in new tab)

Two new Thor: Ragnarok SDCC posters tease a tense showdown (opens in new tab)

"The Defenders goes big AND goes home" - here's our spoiler-free preview of the first episode (opens in new tab)

The creators of Guitar Hero have created a DJ remix game you play like a board game (opens in new tab)

The Justice League do their best Queen album cover impression in new SDCC poster (opens in new tab)

Daredevil season 3, Iron Fist season 2, Elektra's amnesia, and everything else from the Defenders panel at SDCC 2017 (opens in new tab)

"Fight Ripley? Shit, they're fucked!" - the best reactions to the new Defenders trailer (opens in new tab)

Game of Thrones SDCC trailer teases Jon and Danys' alliance - "Daenerys has dragon fire!" (opens in new tab)

The 6 best moments from The Walking Dead season 8 trailer (opens in new tab)

Superman's lineage and home planet take center stage in Krypton TV show teaser (opens in new tab)

Bright's new trailer really is Lord of the Rings meets COPS - and here are 6 moments that prove it (opens in new tab)

"The crowd laughed at the footage" Oof. The Inhumans' SDCC trailer isn't getting much love (opens in new tab)

Kingsman: The Golden Circle gets an Archer crossover full of parkour, snide jokes, and heavy drinking (opens in new tab)

Prepare to revisit your lunch - it's the first Jigsaw trailer! (opens in new tab)

John Boyega asks you to join the Jaeger uprising in Pacific Rim 2 trailer  (opens in new tab)

Watch every SDCC 2017 trailer released so far here (opens in new tab)

Get an eyeful of Avengers: Infinity War in the exclusive SDCC poster (opens in new tab)

The Statesmen blow everything up in new Kingsman: The Golden Circle trailer (opens in new tab)

Check out Nien Nunb's Star Wars: The Last Jedi look (he hasn't changed much), and some new character details (opens in new tab)

Take a closer look at the mystical Mother Boxes from the Justice League movie (opens in new tab)

Here's your first look at the Justice League movie's upgraded Batmobile (opens in new tab)

Here's how to watch San Diego Comic-Con and which panels to keep an eye on (opens in new tab)

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