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"This is not Star Trek" – the first reactions to Star Trek Discovery are split right down the middle

For the first time since 2002, Star Trek is boldly going where it’s gone, uhh, several times before: TV. Star Trek Discovery made its debut amid fanfare and lots and lots of Klingons, but what did the general public make of it?

It’s difficult to remember such a polarising set of opinions immediately following a beloved franchise’s return, but here we are – let’s set our phasers to stun(ned) and delve deep into the far reaches of a place no man has returned from un-scarred: the internet. If you want to check it out for yourself, download CBS All-Access (a paid service) in the US or fire up Netflix in the UK.

Psst... while there's plenty of opinions below, I've only included spoiler-free reactions. However, if you want to watch the premiere completely blind, I'd recommend coming back to this article after you've seen it. 

The good

The bad

And the ugly (Klingons)

Oh, captain, my captain?

Sonequa Martin-Green leads the way

Spock has a... what?

Image: CBS/Paramount

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