Stranger Things season 2’s first trailer is full of mysteries (and Eggos) – let’s pick it apart

In case you’re still bleary-eyed from the Super Bowl, or avoided it entirely, (which doesn’t mean you should miss out on the Super Bowl trailers) you might want to know that Stranger Things season 2 is coming to Netflix this Halloween. That’s not all: there’s a short and sweet trailer that probably revealed more about the strange goings-on in Hawkins than the whole of the first season combined. Let’s break it down.

Eggos make a return!

Stranger Things is now synonymous with the waffle treat and the trailer kicks off in strange fashion with an advert within an advert, one dripping with 80s cheese. This leads into…

Here's Eleven's first appearance in the Stranger Things season 2 trailer

Yup, Eleven’s still with us (thank God). Mike calls out Eleven’s name and she wakes with a familiar bloody nose but she’s upside down. Oh, I wonder where she could be.

Speaking of Mike, he seems really upset. He’s already suffered through his best friend going missing *and* the love of his life vanishing into thin air so, whatever has made him this upset, it’s not gonna be good.

Is the Upside Down invading the real world (again)?

Quarantine suit + flamethrower = BBQ Demogorgon? Mmm, crispy. But, man, that’s overkill… unless the Upside Down is creeping into the real world again? The first season ended with the Upside Down (and the Demogorgon) breaking out into our world. It’s good to know that there are a few more precautions this time around.

Stranger Things' 80s Easter egg game is still strong

To remind everyone that we are still very much in the 1980s, Mike, Dustin, Lucas and Will are dressed up as the Ghostbusters. The movie was released in 1984 so that’s confirmation that the events take place one year after the first season. More specifically, they’re probably dressing up for Halloween. Also, Dustin strategically blocks us from seeing Will. That’s… interesting.

Will Stranger Things season 2 show how the Upside Down has affected Will?

Oh, there’s Will. He’s getting examined by the looks of things, with Joyce at his side. Probably for the best y’know thanks to the whole spending time in the Upside Down and coming back with a stomach full of slugs.

Check out the timestamp: October 30, 1984. Halloween is just around the corner.

Is this Stranger Things season 2's new monster?

Ok, there’s some sort of giant Demogorgon tarantula thing in the sky. We first see it through a quick sketch (presumably from Will, who we know loves drawing) and then the sky turns red and that thing appears. Has the Upside Down invaded Hawkins? My money’s on a hallucination/dream sequence. It’s good to see the CGI budget has gone waaaay up for this season whilst still retain that feel of 80s kitsch.

And there’s another shot where we can’t see Will’s face. Just sayin’.

What's Hopper up to in Stranger Things season 2?

To round things off there’s Hopper making a welcome appearance, digging for something (probably not hidden treasure) and recoiling from an explosion. My take? Shit is going down.

What other clues can you make out from the trailer? Will Eggos take over the world? Let us know in the comments!

Stranger Things season 2 will arrive on Netflix this Halloween.

Images: Netflix

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