Prepare to revisit your lunch - it's the first Jigsaw trailer!

Subtitles don't mean what they used to. Despite the supposed 'final' chapter of the Saw franchise hitting screens back in 2010, everyone knows JIGSAW NEVER DIES. Okay, he did die, but he recorded loads of messages for his minions before then. 

And now he returns in some capacity for.... *drum roll*...Jigsaw! The reboot-sequel's first trailer has arrived during SDCC to make you wince, grimace and potentially say hello to that wrap you had for lunch. It looks like the latest chapter in the Saw legacy is going to be equally as graphic as previous entries. This time around, another group of unsuspecting souls have been selected to play a game that will involve doing stomach-churning things to try and avoid a painful, stomach-churning death. 

While it's easy to roll your eyes at the idea of yet another Saw movie, the talent behind  the film might make you think otherwise. The Speirig brothers directed the underseen sci-fi gem Predestination and look like they're as intent on making Jigsaw equally as batshit. I don't know about you, but I'm sold.

Images: Lionsgate

Gem Seddon

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