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The Thor: Ragnarok SDCC trailer finds Thor and Hulk at war with the Goddess of Death

There's been a lot of excitement brewing over in SDCC's Hall H this year, and with Saturday drawing to a close that can only mean one thing: Marvel Studios. The comic book giant delivered a panel stuffed with tidbits of info - more on that later - along with never-before-seen footage and trailers. 

With the cast of Thor: Ragnarok onstage, Marvel released a brand new trailer for the cosmic buddy movie that delivers on all fronts. Like previous footage we've seen, the basic anchors of the story are established; Thor's away finding himself, gets embroiled in the Grandmaster's scheme, and winds up fighting Hulk.

What really makes your jaw drop is the visual design of the flick. It's ambitious and bold, delivering truly epic shots of Valkyrie charging through the air, Cate Blanchett's villainous Hela relishing in the aftermath of what's she brought... and yes, Thor and Hulk getting up to all sorts of hijinks. Mixing up comedy with the high stakes of Asgard's destruction is no easy feat - and it looks as if Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi is going to absolutely nail it. 

If only because HULK TALKS.

Images: Marvel

Gem Seddon
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