Here's how Discovery's First Officer is related to an iconic Star Trek character (SPOILERS)

This article includes potentially big SPOILERS for Star Trek Discovery

Last year saw the first cheeky teaser for Star Trek Discovery drop at SDCC. Twelve months later we've been treated to a proper full-length trailer ahead of the show's September debut. Not seen it? Go check it out

From what we know so far, this next dive into the Star Trek small-screen universe plans to be just as memorable as the original series. With a rich, diverse cast of characters, a story packed with drama and action, giant spaceships high-tailing across the galaxy, it'll *hopefully* be a welcome return to the classic sci-fi series. 

While its set ten years before the events of the original show, there will still be some connections fans will be excited about. Specifically? The series' First Officer Michael Burnham, played by The Walking Dead's Sonequa Martin-Green, has close ties to a certain Vulcan fave.

During this year's SDCC panel, the actress confirmed that Spock's dad Sarek - played by James Frain - is a father figure to her:

"I was basically committed to Capt. Georgiou through my surrogate dad, Sarek," Martin-Green explained when asked how Michael came to serve under Michelle Yeoh's character. "That's a little bit of a reveal."

That's definitely a bit of a reveal. Basically, Spock is her step-brother.

"I was raised on Vulcan by him and Amanda [Grayson] after the murder of my parents," she adds, essentially letting our imaginations run wild. 

With every effort made to separate this from the original show, I can't help but think we're going to get a flashback including a young Spock...

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