Star Trek: Discovery SDCC 2017 trailer is big on two things: Klingons and explosions

A new Star Trek: Discovery trailer has arrived to steer us into the next generation of the sci-fi series. As you can see, these enterprising men and women are up against some very scary Klingon forces, and there's even a hint of possible betrayal within the Federation. No doubt our crew will have to undertake a perilous voyage to save themselves and the galaxy from danger.

... Deep Space Nine. Alright, I couldn't think of wordplay for that one, gimme a break. In any case, CBS' new chapter in the Star Trek saga continues to look great, and I'm looking forward to its debut on September 24. 

Stay tuned for more San Diego Comic Con 2017 news, and if you haven't already, check out the new poster for the show below and our hub full of every SDCC 2017 movie and TV trailer.

Sam Prell

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