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New Avengers: Infinity War SDCC poster reveals first look at Cap, Black Widow, and Teen Groot

It's hard to top Marvel Studios' Hall H presentation. The comic giant unleashed new footage from Thor: Ragnarok, Black Panther, Ant-Man and the Wasp, and a teaser for a small movie called Avengers: Infinity War.

Those lucky SDCC attendees inside the famed hall utterly lost it after catching a glimpse of what promises to be the most epic MCU flick to date. And while that footage has yet to make its way online, the final SDCC poster for the movie - from a series of three - has hit the web:

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That's our first official look at Captain America in the movie, who's sporting a rather rugged beard and weary expression. No surprise there considering what he's been through post-Civil War. Black Widow gets a slight makeover and we can see more of teenage Groot!  

Here's all three of the SDCC exclusives lined up: 

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Images: Marvel

Gem Seddon
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