Superman's lineage and home planet take center stage in Krypton TV show teaser

Another part of the SDCC experience saw the release of the first Krypton teaser. Krypton, you say? Isn't that Superman's home planet? Why yes it is. It's a new series that comes with a difference. 

First off, it's not going to air on The CW so it won't exist in the same small-screen universe as Arrow-Flash-Supergirl. It's airing on SYFY and the network has chosen to raid Supes' family history for a new story. Fancy something different than the typical Clark Kent tale? Look no further.

The show is about Superman's grandad. 

No, I'm serious. It takes place 200 years before the planet was destroyed and shows things through the eyes of Seyg-El (Cameron Cuffe) - Jor-El's dad. “The blood of House El will always bind us together,” he declares in the trailer. Sounds rather hopeful! Poor guy, doesn't know what's in store...

Gem Seddon

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