Here's your first look at the Justice League movie's upgraded Batmobile

Warner Bros. gave fans a special treat on the San Diego Comic Con floor during preview night: the new Batmobile from Justice League. Luckily, I was there the moment it was unveiled:

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As you may recall, part of the climactic end battle of Batman v Superman saw the Batmobile receive a serious amount of damage thanks to Supes. Now it appears that Batman's iconic ride has been pimped-out to withstand any Kryptonian onslaught. 

Here's Warner Bros. official spec on the much-needed renovation and upgrade:

The hybrid prototype military and civilian vehicle, reaching speeds of up to 205 MPH, has been integrated with the latest in covert military grade armaments as well as stealth and active protective systems. With twin .50 caliber retractable machine guns, missile launchers and more, the Justice League Batmobile is over 20 feet long and weighs in at a whopping 8,500 lbs.

The big question is, will we see it in action in the new trailer that's rumoured to arrive during the Hall H panel? 

Images: Warner Bros.

Gem Seddon

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