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Two new Thor: Ragnarok SDCC posters tease a tense showdown

The next movie out of Marvel Studios later this year is Thor: Ragnarok. The third outing for the beefcake superhero promises to be a much lighter affair - based on the gag-filled trailer - than his previous two solo pics. But you wouldn't know that from the first of two SDCC exclusive posters released for the movie:

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The first one is painted by Marvel Studios' Visual Development Supervisor Andy Park. It shows off a tense scene of Thor and Loki vs new baddie, Hela. 

It's not all doom 'n gloom though, as the Marvel Studios booth handed out another new poster for the flick that's a colourful affair, featuring pretty much the whole cast:

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That's a bit more like it! Now, if we can just get a new trailer out of Hall H....

Images: Marvel

Gem Seddon
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