Spawn is coming back to the big screen, with creator Todd McFarlane to direct

Spawn, the comic book anti-hero from Hell, is getting another shot at the big screen. Creator Todd McFarlane announced this weekend that he has signed a deal with Blumhouse Productions, the company behind movies like Get Out, Split, and The Purge, to create a new Spawn movie.

There's no attached talent, but McFarlane has developed a script and is attached to direct. This will be McFarlane's first time in the director's chair for a feature-length film, though he's lent his talents to music videos in the past.

Don't expect big-budget special effects fare like the last film. Blumhouse is known for producing modest-budget thrillers, and that's exactly what McFarlane wants. Speaking to Collider, he said this new version will be "a dark, edgy, supernatural thriller, R-rated movie" that has more in common with a horror film than a standard superhero flick.

According to McFarlane, Spawn himself would likely take a backseat to detective Max 'Twitch' Williams - McFarlane compared the situation to the movie Jaws, saying that Spawn is more like the shark than the main character. It's not clear if the movie will have any tie-in with the upcoming Sam & Twitch television series coming to BBC America from executive producer Kevin Smith, though the characters live in the same comic book universe.

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Sam Prell

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