Daredevil season 3, Iron Fist season 2, Elektra's amnesia, and everything else from The Defenders SDCC panel

You don't book Hall H at San Diego Comic Con unless you've got something big to share, and Marvel's The Defenders panel was no exception. Here's everything that was announced:

First off, would you like to watch that new Defenders trailer again?

Why am I even asking, of course you would.

Eager to share your thoughts? So was Twitter, and we've rounded up some of the best initial reactions to the Defenders trailer for you to enjoy.

Misty Knight is joining Iron Fist season 2

Misty Knight from Luke Cage will appear in Iron Fist season 2. It's a neat little tie-in beyond the upcoming Defenders show to reinforce the idea that these characters all exist in the same world, and it even has a basis in the comics. On the printed page, Misty has had a romantic relationship with Danny (aka Iron Fist), and has even teamed up with his mentor/love interest Colleen Wing to form the crime-fighting duo known as the Daughters of the Dragon.

Oh yeah, there's going to be Iron Fist season 2, and Daredevil season 3

This is probably a 'well, duh' moment considering how popular these shows are, but Marvel has confirmed it: Daredevil season 3 and Iron Fist season 2 are officially a go.

Elektra has amnesia, and is being guided by Sigourney Weaver's villainess

You might be wondering what exactly would happen to Elektra after the events of Daredevil season 2. Originally raised to be a weapon, Elektra found her own path and decided to join the good guys, only to be (seemingly) killed. But surprise! She's back, albeit suffering from amnesia. Sigourney Weaver's character, named Alexandra, has taken her under her wing, no doubt for nefarious purposes.

Comic Con attendees have seen Defenders' first episode

Marvel decided to give those in Hall H a special advance screening of The Defenders by letting them watch the entire first episode. We won't spoil what happens, but here's what doesn't: the team-up. The main characters don't even interact with one another, let alone form the titular group. So don't expect the show to be an explosion-filled punch-fest from the start.

See how the Defenders cast explains the series in their own words, and stay tuned for more SDCC 2017 coverage.

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