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"Fight Ripley? Sh*t, they're f*cked" - the best reactions to the new Defenders trailer

Following much teasing on social media, Marvel closed out SDCC's Hall H on Friday with The Defenders. The superhero supergroup assembled onstage with Marvel exec Jeph Loeb and cast newbie Sigourney Weaver who received a standing ovation. Of course - it's Ripley. 

Following the panel - and screening the entire premiere for those in attendance! - a brand-new trailer for the series dropped. It's a brilliant preview that buzzes along with plenty of hallway fight scenes, super-cool shots of the four of them lined up, scathing one-liners, and several excellent snipes from Jessica Jones. But enough about what I think - what did you lot think? Here's the best responses from Twitter.

Images: Marvel/Netflix

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