Check out Nien Nunb's Star Wars: The Last Jedi look (he hasn't changed much), and some new character details

Each year at SDCC, Disney reveals some costumes from its most recent or upcoming Star Wars movie and this year the focus was mostly definitely on Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Fans we're treated to a closer look at some of the movie's X-Wing pilots when the display was unveiled on preview night. 

Taking centre stage was Star Wars: Return of the Jedi's Nien Nunb who we already knew would be returning to the franchise in Star Wars 8. As you can see from the image below, his look hasn't changed much, he's still sporting is X-Wing gear with pride...

The accompanying description states: "A Sullustan pilot who was vital in bringing his people into the Rebellion during the Galactic Civil War, Nien Numb continues to loyally serve Princess Leia Organa as a member of the Resistance." From the sounds of things, we'll see him alongside Carrie Fisher at the Resistance HQ, but it's interesting that this tease refers to her as Princess, not General. 

The display also featured a closer look at C’ai Threnalli who appeared briefly in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. His inclusions here hints at a bigger role for him in Star Wars 8. Standing alongside BB-8, his description reads: "A skillful fighter pilot of Abednedo descent, C’ai Threnalli flies as Poe Dameron’s wingman following the evacuation of D’Qar."

Finally, Poe Dameron's Star Wars 8 costume was also in display, and his character description suggests he'll be taking a more central role in the upcoming movie: “Now that the conflict between the First Order and the Resistance has escalated into open warfare, Poe shines as a daring squadron leader. Ever brash and foolhardy, his hot shot antics wear the patience of both First Order and Resistance command.” 

Sounds like a certain Han Solo to me...

I'd expect Poe to give the First Order some trouble but this tease seems to suggest he's going to clash with the Resistance leaders as well. Is he going to disagree with some of their decisions? Could a court martial be on the cards? Probably not, but it sounds like he could do with a heart-to-heart with Leia. 

Lauren O'Callaghan

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