Take a closer look at the mystical Mother Boxes from the Justice League movie

Not much is known about the Mother Box storyline from the Justice League movie (except that villain Steppenwolf is looking to get his hands on them), but we now at least know what all three look like thanks to a reveal at SDCC

If you don't know, the Mother Boxes are very powerful devices in the DC universe and there's suppose to be an Amazon one, an Atlantan one, and a human one. It's the human Mother Box which saves Victor Stone and turns him into Cyborg, and we've already had a sneak peek at this one in a previous Justice League trailer. You can take a closer look at it, as well as the other two Mother Boxes, below in my pictures from the convention floor. 

Steppenwolf apparently lost the Mother Boxes during his first war with Earth thousands of years ago (which we’ll see in a prologue sequence in the movie) and now he’s come back for them. He might struggle to find the human Mother Box though as it apparently no longer exists outside of Cyborg after his transformation. Does this mean Steppenwolf will try and kidnap him then? I'm guessing the rest of the Justice League will have something to say about that.

Image: Warner Bros. 

Lauren O'Callaghan

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