The Justice League do their best Queen album cover impression in new SDCC poster - and Twitter responds perfectly

Warner Bros. is kicking off its day of SDCC goodies early! It matters not if you're inside of Hall H today, as the studio has revealed a new look at the Justice League movie cast in a spot of artwork posted to Twitter:

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As you might expect, it brings together the main heroes and supplies them with a cute tagline: you can't save the world alone. The best part of that being each of the heroes' individual logos standing in for other letters. A nice touch, indeed. 

The most noticeable thing however is the absence of a certain caped crusader. Superman's appearance in Justice League is known but he's still yet to appear in any promotional materials. It looks as if that might change today. Warner's Hall H panel plans to drop some big DC-related news, according to Aquaman Jason Momoa, so watch this space for a new sighting of Supes or possibly.... the Green Lantern?

It should come as no surprise that Twitter responded exactly how you'd expect:

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Images: Warner Bros.

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