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Bright's new trailer really is Lord of the Rings meets COPS, here are 6 moments that prove it

Orcs. Elves. Fairies. Humans. The first trailer for Bright debuted at SDCC and has them all scattered across a grimy Los Angeles backdrop. This is a world where Will Smith's human and Joel Edgerton's orc work together as beat cops to keep the streets clean. 

Well, clean-ish.

It still looks to be a total nightmare, that's made all the more intriguing when their normal patrol turns into a fight for a mystical relic. Sounds like the fantastical characters of Tolkien mixed with the gritty edge of reality police shows, no? Here's the 6 bits that are proper LOTR meets COPS.

Poor Orcs having a conflicting time on the force. One minute it's a medal, the next it's ridicule! 

Cop. Orc. Jakoby's getting torn between his job and his people.

Flashlights, dimly-lit hallway, orc, human, charred remains.

Cops pursue an assailant with sought-after gear. Yeah, it's an elf with a magic wand.

"They don't teach that at the academy."

LAPD cop with a sword. 'Nuff said.

Keep your eyes peeled for more trailers straight out of San Diego Comic Con and mark down the Bright Netflix premiere in your diaries for December 22. 

Gem Seddon
Gem is GR+'s west coast entertainment news reporter. She’s a bit obsessed with all things Aliens and Terminator.