Here are all 9 (yes, 9!) DC movies confirmed by Warner Bros. during their San Diego Comic Con 2017 panel

Riding high off the recent success of Wonder Woman and anticipation for the upcoming Justice League, Warner Bros. took a moment during its San Diego Comic Con 2017 panel to confirm the lineup of DC movies coming to theaters over the next few years.

Rather than an executive standing in front of a timeline, the movies were revealed via a montage of logos and characters, with no specific dates given. That said, here are nine upcoming DCEU films, in the order they were revealed:

Suicide Squad 2
The Batman
Justice League Dark
Green Lantern Corps
The Flash / Flashpoint
Wonder Woman 2

A few things to note: despite a recent report that Ben Affleck may leave the role of Batman sooner than expected, the actor told the crowd that he is Gotham's caped crusader. Indeed, when The Batman showed up in the aforementioned montage, it was Affleck's face that was shown. A gentle reminder though that the film has not yet started production, nor does it have a finished script at this point. Aaaaand…

The Flash's movie was revealed with a logo for 'Flashpoint.' It's not clear if that's the actual name of the Flash-centric movie, but it is most definitely the name of the 2011 comic book crossover event that led to a rebooted timeline full of changes to the DC universe, also known as the New 52. So Affleck says he's Batman while rumors have begun to circulate about him not being Batman, and WB just confirmed a movie about alternate realities. It's all very suspicious.

Green Lantern Corps was revealed via comic book art of Hal Jordan and John Stewart. So, as the name implies, we might not have a single hero to follow in this film. Lastly, for you fans of the magician Zatanna, it looks like she'll be making a big-screen debut, as her face graced the Justice League Dark reveal.

Stay tuned for more San Diego Comic Con 2017 news, and if you haven't already, check out our hub full of every SDCC 2017 movie and TV trailer.  

Sam Prell

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