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Japanese Yakuza 3 demo for PSN this month

Jan 2, 2008

A playable demo of Yakuza 3, the latest (PS3-exclusive) edition of Sega's Japanese gangster-themed brawler will be hitting the Japanese PSN as soon as this month, reports suggest.

After two games set in the glitzy lights of present day Tokyo, the third game takes the series back in time to the 17th century, with samurai running around with swords, slicing faces off and stuff, as you do. Sounds awesome.

The demo is expected to arrive on PSN "mid-January," according to "wholesale" sources, coutesy of Google translations of Gamefront.

Sega has, however yet to officially confirm the demo's release date. The full game is out in Japan on March 6. Don't expect a US/UK release to follow until late '08 at the earliest.

Courtesy of CVG.