HDD-only Football Manager for 360

We've received an official confirmation that Football Manager 2006 for Xbox 360 will require wannabe coaches to install a hard disk drive into their machines.

"We wanted to give Xbox 360 users a superior game experience with the same richness and tactical depth that Football Manager has traditionally offered," a Sega spokesperson informed us. "We asked Microsoft whether we could develop Football Manager 2006 to be a hard drive-only game."

Microsoft agreed to the request, enabling developer Sports Interactive to create the "complete Football Manager experience for console gamers, for the first time in the franchise's history". Xbox Live elements are also included in the game, along with a totally overhauled interface specifically designed for 360.

While this will irk owners of the core package - which didn't include the all important hard disk drive - it's a positive step towards fully utilising 360's incredible power, other than just making things look extra-specially pretty.

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