Dave Mirra's second coming

Some of you might remember the 2002 blow-up between Dave Mirra and Acclaim, when the BMX stunt rider sued the publisher for dragging his name into colossal crapfest BMX XXX. The controversy apparently didn't sour Mirra on games entirely, though, as he's starting over with a new title and a new publisher.

Above: Dave Mirra, master of big air (note: final game will look nothing like this)

Dave Mirra BMX Challenge, scheduled to arrive on PSPs in October, will continue the X Games star's Tony Hawk-with-bikes series, giving gamers a chance to flip around on a tiny bicycle and pull off "x-treme" tricks no matter where they are. The new game was just announced today, but we already know that it'll feature nine selectable bikes, nine different environments and 17 levels to go nuts in. BMX Challenge will also feature customizable characters (including Mirra himself, naturally) and ad hoc play for up to four players, letting you compete with nearby friends.

And yeah, before you ask, we don't expect to see any naked riders, pimps or dogs humping in this one. Mirra's already made his position on that stuff pretty clear, and we're all better off for it.

April 13, 2006

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