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PS5 dev kits have landed at Dying Light 2 developer Techland - and probably Project Scarlett too

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As a new day dawns, it's getting more and more exciting hearing gossip about next-gen consoles, especially now it's becoming clear that dev kits are out in the wild. Techland has come out publicly and said it's in possession of a PS5 dev kit, and it almost 100% has the Xbox Series X dev kit too. 

Speaking to Push Square, Dying Light 2's lead game designer said that Techland has the PS5 devkit in office. "Of course we have the next-gen consoles in our studio, and of course we have a plan for them and I think that's the most I can say". 

The fact that the Dying Light 2 dev says "next-gen consoles", and talks of the studio's plans for "them" – as in plural consoles – means we can almost guarantee that he's speaking about the Xbox Project Scarlett dev kit. Unless Sony has a secret second PS5 up its sleeves... although probably not. 

The Xbox Project Scarlett dev kit is a little bit more of a mystery at the moment. From what Microsoft said at E3 2019, it's clear that developers have already had some time with its next-gen console, but the next Xbox hasn't had quite the amount of dev kit leaks as the PS5. 

It's been the subject of many a patent exploration and leak, especially because it looks so very different from the current PS4 family of consoles. The PS5 dev kit is a chunky beast, V-shaped and packing enough fan vents to keep those high-tech innards chilled to the very circuit boards. 

Not that Techland having the dev kits comes as much of a surprise though. The developer has already confirmed that it will be bringing Dying Light 2 to PS5 and Xbox Project Scarlett as a cross-gen release

Speaking to WCCFTech, Techland's chief technology officer Pawel Rohleder said that "the plan since the beginning of production has been to make Dying Light 2 a cross-generation title”. 

Until we get more official info on the next-gen consoles, why not check out our current rundown of how the PS5 vs Xbox Series X war is going?

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