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PS Vita game sales are one-third digital

A third of all PlayStation Vita games are purchased digitally, a Sony representative told IGN. Don Mesa, PlayStation’s director of product planning and platform software innovation, said the portable device's users are embracing the PlayStation Store.

In a shelf somewhere, a PSP Go cries "I told them it could work!"

Mesa said surveys of Vita owners indicate high customer satisfaction, with 90 percent playing at least once a week or more. He also claimed the average owner uses the handheld for 18.7 hours a week (more than two and a half hours every day!), which sounds a bit like sampling bias to us.

However much time Vita owners spent with their consoles in 2012, they'll likely spend much more with it this year. Mesa said more than 100 games will hit the system in 2013, stretching from AAA releases to notable indie games like Hotline Miami and Thomas Was Alone.

Connor Sheridan
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