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PlayStation Move games already on sale, even though Move isn't

PlayStation Move peripherals won't be out until September 14, but some stores have apparently already received shipments of Move launch games. Clueless employees have begun putting them on the shelves, offering consumers the fine opportunity to read instruction manuals 600 times over before they can actually play the games.

Neocrisishas posted some screenshots from a Wal-Mart with Start the Party, Kung Fu Rider, and Sports Champions on display. Of course, they all carry a label on the front cover which states "PlayStation Move Required." Good luck with that.

A commenter on the article wrote, "I work for gamestop and yesterday we got a shipment with the above games mentioned. also showing that it is up for sale. of course [it] seemed odd for the very same reason that u mentioned. the peripherals needed to play these aren't out! so we decided to not put them up for display, but of course if people requested either game we would sell it to them." Why turn down money, right?

I was at the GameStop in New Jersey's Menlo Park Mall last night and saw all of these games for sale, in addition to EyePet. The latter also features a Sony 3D logo on the box and is now officially the first full Blu-ray Disc-based PS3 game to support stereoscopic 3D TVs.

Above: With the release of these launch titles, you better start counting down. It's just 4 days before you'll be able to have as much fun as this pretend family

This reminds us of when Xbox 360 Kinect demosstarted popping up on the Xbox Live Marketplace. All we need now is somewhere to purchase 3DS games.

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