Winning Eleven 10 coming soon

Konami has revealed that Winning Eleven 10, the next instalment in its obsessively adored football franchise - which is better known to UK gamers as Pro Evolution Soccer - will be released in Asia on 27 April, well ahead of this summer's World Cup in Germany.

What changes series producer Shingo Takatsuka has implemented since the previous version is unclear, although it's suspected that there will be new modes of play and an option to enable an automated tactics system that will simplify the usual pre-match team tinkering.

Further Winning Eleven 10 details should be released soon, so stay tuned for an update when - hopefully - we'll be able to spoil you with images and more info on those new features.

Above: Can the sublime Winning Eleven get any better? We'll have news on all the changes from the previous version (pictured here) for you soon

Matt Cundy
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