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Tweets Of The Week

A peek inside JJ Abrams’ office and "the best idea in a work of fiction ever" revealed in this week's tweets

In spite of the paparazzi and round the clock celeb-news sites it’s rare in the age of The Agent that stars are allowed to be themselves, or more aptly post black-ops pics from inside the office of geek hero JJ Abrams. Well that’s what happened early last week when Supernatural ’s Bobby Singer, Jim Beaver (@ jumblejim ), presumably twiddling his thumbs waiting for the Star Trek and Super 8 supremo to show up for their meeting, started posting (blurry) pics from what we presume to be a location with Area 51-level security if the super-secrecy of Abrams’ film projects are anything to go by.

Despite confusing Abrams with Judd Apatow in his tweets (later corrected) we can forgive Beaver a) for being awesome week after week on Supernatural and b) revealing that Abrams has a Nightbeast hat in his office – a film he scored for Troma in 1982. What a guy.


The SFX Twitter Stream

@ Jon_Favreau @ edgarwright stopped by editing. I showed him a lot of footage b/c he promised to send me a Scott Pilgrim bluray. #CowboysandAliens

@ ManMadeMoon Getting close to finishing Source Code now... Hopefully we are doing the last chunk of ADR with Jake today. Effects keep rolling in.

@ jamesmoran They seem to use the same metal-creak sound any time a metal door opens in every movie and TV show. It's the Wilhelm Scream of doors.

@ OldRoberts953 The Golgafrincham B-Ark was the best idea in a work of fiction that anyone has ever had. Ever. EVER.

@ edgarwright Was in Boston last night. Am in New York right now. That is some Jumper shit right there. .

@ steven_moffat The tragedy is - no the irony - I DO take Dr Who seriously. That IS me being serious. Hmm. Just lost the argument, didn't I?

@ RealReeceShears Did you all notice the bunny move behind Mr Jelly in the Special just after he gets up to answer the door to the devil children? A portent.

@ DavidGArnold Meeting John Barry was like touching the hem of Gods frock. .

@ feliciaday Finally watched Walking Dead pilot. Totally awesome, but the whole time I was screaming, "Put some shoes on! You're gonna get tetanus!"

@ LouDPhillips The TV show V has been filming all day outside our townhouse. Still tempted to raid their craft service and claim that I'm making a cameo.

@ oliviawilde Quorra the explora!

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