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Fortnite Landmarks: Where to visit landmark locations across the island

 Fortnite Landmarks
(Image credit: Epic Games)

The entire battle royale island has been revamped for the new chapter, and alongside the Named Locations we're all familiar with there are now a ton of Fortnite landmarks you can also visit. These aren't as large as the named points of interest which are always marked on the map, but are still significant locations that have their own distinctive features. Arriving with Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1, you'll know you've arrived at a Fortnite landmark location because a notification will pop up towards the top of your screen, stating the name of the area you're in – so whether you're at Gorgeous Gorge, Camp Cod, Blue Steel Bridge, or one of the many others, you'll always know where you are in Fortnite.

If you're trying to find them to visit for one of the Fortnite Hunter and the Hunted challenges, or any of the other challenges that may come up this season, here's where you need to go to find Fortnite landmarks.

Fortnite Landmark locations

(Image credit: Epic Games)

We've marked the locations of over 60 different Fortnite landmarks on the map above, representing all the places of note we've discovered so far in the game. Some specific landmarks of note for various Fortnite Missions are as follows:

This selection may not be exhaustive, as the island is huge and there's plenty of secrets still to be discovered, but the requirements of any challenges you may come up against that involve visiting Fortnite landmarks will be more than covered by knowing these locations. Enjoy exploring and happy travels!

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