Fortnite map guide: Best places to land, find chests and get started in season 7

With the arrival of the iceberg and the cold weather in Fortnite season 7, the entire south-west quadrant of the map has undergone a massive revamp. Greasy Grove and Flush Factory no longer exist, as they've been covered with snow and replaced by locations like Happy Hamlet, Frosty Flights, and Polar Peak.

That's not all: Fortnite planes are now here, giving players a way to traverse the map in speedy fashion. One of the places they can be found is at the Fortnite expedition outposts which have popped up across the map. There's also ziplines which are often found in clusters, enabling easy travel from one mountain to another.

The best places to land in Fortnite have changed slightly with the new map updates, but remember that it's all subjective. Each match you play, the battle bus will be flying in from a different direction which plays a huge part in where the popular landing spots will be. I'll cover this in more detail shortly, but the bare necessities you want include some shields, along with ideally a shotgun and an assault rifle.

Fortnite map landing spots - general tips

Aim for low ground to fall faster

Okay, you can’t actually fall faster, but your glider will always open a set level above the ground. If you’re falling over a mountain or building it’ll open sooner than if you’re aiming for a flat patch. Wherever you want to land always aim for the nearest low point on the map and then fly to your chosen location. That way your glider will pop as close to the ground as possible, minimising your landing time. 

Head for remote places to avoid a fight when you land

You might notice an explosion of people jumping the bus the first second they can, or clouds of gliders all converging on places like Tilted Towers. You also notice 50 players dead before the first circle appears. If you want to live, avoid the crowds. Generally you need buildings if you want chests but look for houses on their own, or gas stations by the road away from built up areas like Retail Row or Pleasant Park. A lot of people overlook these smaller locations so you can have the run of the place if you’re lucky and grab all the gear you need undisturbed.  

Jump later to survive longer

If you can, wait until the last minute to jump. It all depends on where you are on the map and where you can get to, but as a rule the later you can leave it the less chance there is of running into any early competition. You should get more time to gear up and if you’re away from the action you’ll be safe while everyone else kills each other. Just keep an eye on the storm - if the circle appears on the other side of the map, get ready for a run. 

Look around as you parachute

When you jump you’ll have a few seconds gliding to the ground. You should have picked a location by this point so aim for it and use the time to look all around you and see what the skies look like. If it’s full of people all heading to the same region maybe make a hasty course change and land elsewhere. If just a single person is heading to the same roof as you are, you might want to have a rethink. 

The battle bus’ route has an impact on landing choices

This is something you’re best just being aware of and getting a feel for. The direction you approach the map is random each time - some locations are great if they appear on the far side of the map as the bus flies, and death if they're near the start. It means that some places that we wouldn’t normally recommend could actually be a good choice. Snobby Shores, Flush Factory, Lucky Landing and Paradise Palms are good examples here. If they’re one of the first locations the buses reaches, stay well away. But if they come at the end they can be a gold mine - the people that would usually go there jumped when the bus first hit land so you can find yourself alone. 

The best Fortnite map locations for solo and duo games

If you’re playing solo or in duos all you really need is enough to get you started so you don’t have to worry about any of the bigger areas or named regions. That way lies only the pain of death and a 50+ placing. Instead target these smaller areas and you’re guaranteed a couple of chests. That should be enough to get you started, and you can grab the rest as you go. 

The motel can be a bit of a risk because it is usually a great place to grab chests and is (ironically) a popular off the beaten track choice. However, its placing between Lazy Links and Pleasant Park, and a few other big places, mean people often head to those instead. Check around you as you glide in and if no one’s near it’ll give you more than enough to get started.

2. The watchtower near Lonely Lodge

This is definitely a better solo option if only because you can’t do much until you get down. However, there are usually two or three chests here - up to two at the very top, and one right below them. If you can land on the roof you should find plenty of gear, and with only the stairs for access it’s hard for anyone to get the jump on you. 

3. The houses near The Block 

Introduced a couple of days after Fortnite season 7 started, The Block came plummeting to the ground and completely flattened Risky Reels. At first it was just a huge stone slab, but now it's become a constantly evolving, developing feature hub for community creations. Epic updates this area regularly with different locations made by the Fortnite community in creative mode, so it's always quite popular. If you head to the surrounding houses circled in the image though, you can grab some decent loot before heading to The Block to kill any survivors.

4. Snobby Shores

Snobby’s a risk, I’m not going to lie. But it can also be overlooked easily if it’s at the end of the bus flyover. This is definitely one where you want to be checking the skies as you land for trouble. The advantage of this location is that there are five houses, all in there own walled grounds, so if someone else is there you can grab a different house and have the time and protection to prepare before the trouble starts. If things look too hot as you come in then veer south where you’ll find two houses, one with a basement, that will give you at least three chests to rifle through. 

5. Houses next to Shifty Shafts

Shifty Shafts tends to be a popular location due to its proximity to Tilted Towers and the amount of chests there, but consider going for the houses to the side instead. You're likely to find a few chests there and it gives you some time to loot up before either heading in to Shifty Shafts, or fleeing over the hill towards the now frozen over Greasy Grove.

6. Between Shifty Shafts and Happy Hamlet

This location used to be the home of a huge wooden chair, but it's now been replaced with a sleigh. The loot is still plentiful though with two chest spawns inside the house, one in the barn and another one on top of the sleigh. Just to the west is another ruined house with a possible chest spawn, just be wary of any players that have landed at Polar Peak above you and have managed to obtain a sniper.

7. Ruined houses south of Haunted Hills

Haunted Hills on its own can be worth trying if you’re on your own or as a duo as it can often be empty. But not always: a safer bet are the houses to the south. There are two along the dirt track road, each with at least a couple of chests. 

8. Wailing Wood maze centre

While Wailing Woods used to be quite disappointing when it came to loot, the new underground portion of the central building offers a lot more. You can find multiple chests down there along with a permanent rift - the only one on the map - for a quick getaway if the storm is coming in. There are also four teleporters to take you to other nearby locations in Wailing Woods for even more loot, and the entire forest tends to have very little players.

9. The abandoned houses east of Salty Springs

In the hills south of Salty Springs and near Paradise Palms you’ll find several run down old houses and a watch tower, each of which has at least one chest to get you started (and usually more). It’s elevated location also give you a sightline advantage when you leave. 

10. "Westworld", south of Paradise Palms

While "Westworld" isn't the proper name since it's unmarked on the map, it's been named that unofficially due to its strong resemblance to the western town in the popular TV series. If it's right at the start of the battle bus path then there will probably be a few people heading here but if luck is on your side and it's towards the end, you can often get this incredible location with over 20 chests all to yourself.

The best Fortnite map locations for squads

The tricky thing about picking a place for squads is getting enough gear for everyone. You really want to avoid places like Tilted Towers, or Pleasant Park, because if the fighting doesn’t finish you in the first 30 seconds, healing up can use up what resources you nearly died to secure. Instead, head for somewhere less obvious but still with enough chests to get your team going. These are the best options: 

1. The Block 

Due to The Block's constantly changing nature, this advice may become redundant in the future but all of the locations Epic has added to The Block so far have been bountiful. They've each had numerous chests and a lot of cover for fighting, and there's also the extra clusters of houses dotted nearby if you don't find enough at The Block.

2. Lucky Landing

The main area in Lucky Landing has plenty of chests between its numerous buildings. Especially if you include the small hill top building to the south and the small building and large pagoda to the north east. The best plan of attack is to send two into the main areas while at least one person checks the pagoda, and maybe another grabs the two hilltop buildings. 

3. Junk Junction

The trick with Junk Junction is to ignore the buildings and check all the crushed cars around the periphery of the yard. Most of the chests are there so pay attention as you glide in and you’ll be able to land on one. If not you’ll have to smash some things and build a ramp. Just make sure you don’t destroy anything with a chest on it. There’s also a depot to the north east than can have some gear. Only go for the big metal llama if you’re planning to land on it - there are a couple of chests, but it’s only worth grabbing them if you can hit the roof and work down. Otherwise you’ll have to waste time finding resources and building up. 

4. Haunted Hills

Haunted Hills often gets ignored because it doesn’t look like there’s much there. There’s actually quite a lot though if you’re lucky, with several chests liberally scattered through its various crypts and buildings. There’s also another couple of buildings to the south if you need more gear, along with the huge castle on the mountaintop right next to it. Watch out for any other teams that landed at Junk Junction though.

5. Snobby Shores

Five buildings for four people to ransack, what could go wrong? Apart from another team landing in the same place that is. Make sure you call out what house you’re going to take when you go in so you have one each, then all converge on the remaining property. Your options from here are then head south for another couple of places where you can top up, or head south east to the covered football stadium if you fancy starting trouble sooner rather than later. 

6. Happy Hamlet

Despite it being one of the newest locations added to Fortnite, Happy Hamlet tends to be dead when it comes to other players landing there. You'll find over 15 buildings each with at least one or two chests, and a lot of areas to take cover in and play stealthily. When you're done - if you still don't have enough loot - you can head west to find a plethora of smaller buildings and cottages dotted across the hilly tundra.

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