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Fortnite patch notes 16.20: Vehicle mods have arrived in Season 6

Fortnite patch notes
(Image credit: Epic Games)

The Fortnite patch notes are here for the latest v16.20 update, and now we're a month or so into Fortnite Season 6 it'll be interesting to see what direction things are heading in next. As is customary these days, there are no longer any official patch notes released for Fortnite, at least for the battle royale side of things, so instead we've rounded up a list of the biggest changes and explained what they mean. If you want to know what to look out for now 16.20 has gone live, our Fortnite patch notes have got you covered.

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Fortnite patch notes Season 6 update 16.20

Fortnite patch notes

(Image credit: Epic Games)

The biggest update to arrive courtesy of the Fortnite patch notes for v16.20 is the addition of vehicle mods, allowing you to switch different wheels onto Fortnite cars and alter their abilities, such as chunky off-road tires to improve your driving over grass and sand. These new tires are found as a vehicle mod pick up that uses one slot of your inventory, often near Fortnite gas pumps and stations, and to activate them on a vehicle you just aim and throw the tire at it.

Epic have teased that players should "sharpen those bow skills and focus up for a special Duos Cup" following this update, which suggests a bows-only tournament is on the way. Previous leaks have also suggested a new Unstable Bow weapon could be added to the game at some point, so we may see that make an appearance soon.

There are also big changes in Creative mode, with the player cap being increased to allow up to 50 player match-making for much larger custom matches. More vehicles have also been added to Creative, meaning you can now drive the four main cars, and with the inclusion of the new Race Checkpoint device you can make your own races too.

Of course, this isn't everything covered in the Fortnite patch notes, but those are they key points you need to know about. There will also be the usual behind the scenes bug fixes and adjustments, which you can read more about under Known Issues Addressed by v16.20 on the Fortnite Community Issues Trello board.

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