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Fortnite patch notes: Party Hub makes Fortnite your next mobile social network

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Many Fortnite players already primarily use the game as a place to hang out with friends online, and a new feature in the latest Fortnite patch notes will make that even easier. The headline feature in the new Fortnite update is Party Hub, a change to the mobile version that lets you party up and voice chat with friends even when you can't dedicate your attention to playing. You can even log into the Party Hub on mobile devices that don't meet the minimum specs to play the full game, or before you've downloaded and installed the game files.

The Fortnite Party Hub now appears on the main screen of the app: the top part has a button to jump right into the game, and the bottom lets you load into Party Hub instead. Once you're there, you can party up with other friends who are either in-game or in the Party Hub themselves and talk over voice chat. You can talk to your friends while they're in a match, and Party Hub members don't affect how you queue for matches yourself (they'll appear as if they're sitting out), so you don't have to leave the chat behind to queue for certain modes.

Even if you're playing on PC or console, you'll be able to keep using Party Hub to communicate with your group if you prefer sticking to your phone. Just open the app and tap the "Transfer Voice to This Device" button while you play. Oh, and you invite people to your group by ringing the Llama Bell on their home screen, friend screen, party screen, or the dedicated Llama Bell menu. Because Fortnite.

The other big changes for Battle Royale players are the return of the Star Wand and AC/DC pickaxes - after they were disabled for doing way too much damage - and changes to prevent storm circles from closing on Rift Zones that change up the standard gameplay, like Moisty Palms. This week, it's all about the partying. 

Check the official site for the full patch notes. 

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