Fortnite patch notes: Update 9.21 adds proximity grenade launcher, Horde Rush co-op LTM

Fortnite Horde Rush LTM

The Fortnite patch notes for update 9.21 are here finally, and there's two major new additions to the world renowned battle royale: a Proximity Grenade Launcher, and a brand new co-operative limited time mode called Horde Rush. We've got all of the Fortnite patch notes here in full, including some of the smaller Fortnite changes like alterations to the recently added Storm Flip item.

The Proximity Grenade Launcher rewards inaccuracy

Don't worry if you're not the most accurate of Fortnite players and you couldn't quite get the hang of the normal Grenade Launcher, because the Proximity Grenade Launcher is here to make the game even easier. You don't have to hit players directly anymore, because as soon as a shot from the Proximity Grenade Launcher closes in on an enemy, it'll explode and deal ranged damage. Yay?

Horde Rush is a new co-operative LTM

Save The World is leaking into battle royale because the new Horde Rush LTM is a co-op focused mode that requires you and a few pals to survive incoming waves of Fortnite Fiends. It starts on June 13 and you have to defend the area by "searching for weapons & items, scavenging materials, and building defenses". There's also a special boss at the end that you'll need to take out in order to win.

These are the two main additions to Fortnite, but there's a bunch of smaller additions included too like Storm Flip adjustments, a returning LTM, weapon spawn frequencies and more. You can read all about them in the official Fortnite patch notes right here.

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