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Fortnite phone booths locations: How to open doors with ID scanners

Fortnite phone booths are a brand new introduction with Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2, though it's not immediately obvious what their purpose is. Using a phone booth to disguise yourself in Fortnite is necessary for two of the challenges this week, including the one that requires you to open three doors with an ID scanner. Here's everything you need to know about Fortnite phone booths including the locations and what exactly they do, along with how they tie in to the Fortnite vaults.

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What are Fortnite phone booths?

Fortnite phone booths

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite phone booths look exactly as you'd expect. They're tall and red, much like the phone booths you'd find in London and hopping inside will disguise you as a Henchman. Disguising yourself means Henchmen won't shoot at you – unless you fire at them or get too close to one so your disguise comes off – and you can open doors and chests with ID scanners in the five Henchmen bases.

You need to open three doors in order to complete one of the challenges, so make sure you're visiting the Fortnite phone booth locations listed below. You'll have the option to scan yourself even if you're not in disguise, but it won't provide you with much luck. What you can do however – if you can't get to a phone booth – is down a Henchmen then carry them to a scanner. Interacting with it will scan them instead of you and voila! The door will open.

Fortnite phone booth locations

Fortnite phone booths can be found in each of the five new locations; The Agency, The Yacht, The Rig, The Grotto, and The Shark. These are the only five places Henchmen will spawn and patrol, so it makes sense that you'll only need the disguise when you're there. Here's where you can find all of the phone booths at each location:

The Shark phone booth locations

Fortnite phone booths

(Image credit: Epic Games)
  1. Under the bridge on the north-west side before the helipad.
  2. On the island to the south-west.
  3. On the island to the south.
  4. On the island to the south-east.

The Yacht phone booth locations

Fortnite phone booths

(Image credit: Epic Games)
  1. Despite being just a boat, The Yacht has four phone booths. The first is on the island to the south-west with the respawn truck.
  2. The second is on the front end of the ship in the open, next to the helipad.
  3. There's another at the opposite end of the boat, next to the section with three gold umbrellas.
  4. Finally, there's another one on the bottom level of the ship, in the room with lots of bunk beds.

The Rig phone booth locations

Fortnite phone booths

(Image credit: Epic Games)
  1. Toward the east side of the location, underneath the helipad.
  2. Between the six multicoloured shipping crates on the west side.
  3. In the bottom of the south-west leg of The Rig.

The Grotto phone booth locations

Fortnite phone booths

(Image credit: Epic Games)
  1. As you descend from the main entrance, you'll be able to see one phone booth by the edge of the water near the ramp.
  2. Follow the river out of the cave and you'll find another one behind the small guard hut before the exit.
  3. The final phone booth at The Grotto is against the wall in the same large room as the vault door.

The Agency phone booth locations

Fortnite phone booths

(Image credit: Epic Games)
  1. As you approach the building from the south, there's one outside to the left before some stairs going down
  2. Around the back of the building, there's another in a small pit with a cardboard box and a teleporting toilet.
  3. The third is on the north side of the island, next to the small gazebo with a motorboat on the other side.

Other phone booth locations

Fortnite phone booths

(Image credit: Epic Games)
  1. At the Ghost house in the top-right corner of grid square D6 is one phone booth outside by seven portable toilets.
  2. Inside the same building, there's one behind a wall in the reception area through the front door.

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