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Fortnite Mothership - how to get inside the Mothership and claim the vault rewards

Fortnite Mothership
(Image credit: Epic Games)

You can now enter the Fortnite Mothership and get inside the craft that has been hovering high in the sky over the island since the beginning of the latest season. Unlike the smaller Fortnite UFOs that you can fly around in, the Mothership had been inaccessible... until now. Following the v17.10 update, it is now possible to be abducted by the extraterrestrial forces and teleported to get inside the Fortnite Mothership, though the process to arrive there isn't obvious.

It's worth doing though, as if you successfully complete the minigame by collecting enough vault orbs then a whole host of legendary weapons can be yours, to significantly boost your chances of a victory royale in Fortnite. So, if you're ready to get beamed up, then this is everything you need to know about how to get inside the Fortnite Mothership and what to do when you're in there.

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How to get inside the Fortnite Mothership

(Image credit: Epic Games)

The first step to getting inside the Fortnite Mothership is to find one of the abductor ships, which are represented by circular spaceship icons on the map as marked above. There are three of these in every match, which spawn randomly above three different named locations.

Fortnite Mothership

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Once the first storm eye appears, these abductor ships will emit a bright beam of light below them coupled with a pulsing sound, and once you get directly beneath one of them you'll be lifted up into the middle of the craft. Hover there for a few seconds and you'll be zapped, before teleporting inside the Fortnite Mothership to continue your journey.

What to do on the Fortnite Mothership

Fortnite Mothership

(Image credit: Epic Games)

When you arrive on the Fortnite Mothership, you'll get beamed into an arena made up of previous locations including the Butter Barn, Lazy Lagoon, Lucky Landing, and Sunny Steps. You have a jetpack which allows you to jump higher and double jump, plus a pulse rifle to give yourself an extra boost or knock opponents off the platforms, while the countdown on your back ticks down from 1:30 to zero.

There are two types of orbs you can collect here - time orbs that add 5 seconds to your countdown when you walk over them, and vault orbs that increase your Vault Tier when you interact with them. When the vault orbs are available they'll be marked with icons on your screen, plus a beam of light projected from them will help you hone in on their locations. You start with a one star Common Vault Tier rating, and can increase this by collecting more vault orbs as follows:

* = Common (Grey) Vault Tier
** = Uncommon (Green) Vault Tier
*** = Rare (Blue) Vault Tier
**** = Epic (Purple) Vault Tier
***** = Legendary (Orange) Vault Tier

How to access the Vault on the Fortnite Mothership

Fortnite Mothership

(Image credit: Epic Games)

If you reach the five star Legendary Vault Tier rating, you'll immediately be teleported to the Legendary Vault aboard the Fortnite Mothership. However, if you run out of time before getting to that stage, you'll instead be teleported to the Vault corresponding to the Vault Tier level you achieved. When you arrive in the Vault you'll only have 20 seconds to grab the available loot, so quickly open as many chests as possible then select the best weapons and items you want to add to your inventory. When the time is up you'll be teleported back to the island, gliding down from the sky to continue the battle royale.

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