Fortnite Map: All the big changes for season 10

It's no shock that the Fortnite map has been changing recently, as we've come to expect that at the start of each new season to keep the game fresh. What has been surprising though is just how many alterations to the map have happened already in Fortnite season 10. First we had Fortnite map changes with the return of Dusty Depot and a complete reworking of everyone's favourite/loathed Tilted location, and as the season progresses we've already had another location roll back in time and a whole landmark area disappear!

Take a look below for all of the biggest changes that have happened to the Fortnite map for season 10 so far.

Fortnite map for season 10

(Image credit: Epic Games)

It might not look like it from above, but there's some big changes hidden away in season 10's Fortnite map. 

Tilted Town

Fortnite map - Tilted Town

(Image credit: Epic Games)

One week in to the new season, and thanks to one of the Fortnite Rift Zones appearing on the map, Neo Tilted is no longer. It's been replaced by Tilted Town, an old western style village which prevents you from breaking or building anything, and there's only a selection of cowboy themed weapons available like the Six Shooter and Hunting Rifle. 

Dusty Depot

(Image credit: Epic Games)

You may remember Dusty Depot from way back in season 3. At the turn of the season it was destroyed by a huge meteor that struck the map, leaving a gigantic hole behind it, which became known as Dusty Divot. It was initially filled with space rocks that you could consume to make yourself bounce around the map, and eventually a laboratory was set up there to study them. 

But now they're back, thanks to the new Rift Zones that seem to allow time travel for specific locales.


(Image credit: Epic Games)

The same goes for another fan-favourite location: the Factories. They originally sat near the Dusty Depot, and now thanks to the Fortnite map change, they're back again next to their old friend. 

The Meteor

(Image credit: Epic Games)

And surely the reminiscing about the events of season 3 wouldn't be complete without the meteor lurking dangerously close to Dusty Depot and the factories? Well, I've got good news, it's back too! Dangling in the air for all to see, with fragments of portal lingering at the end of the smoke, just to remind you this could all disappear again at some point during the season. 

The Orb

(Image credit: Epic Games)

The cause of all this time-travelling madness is also still making a scene on the Fortnite map for season 10, with the Orb still at the centre of Loot Lake. It now has a number of objects floating around the glowing core after the explosion, and I would bet this isn't the last of its impact on the map. 

Doggus Skeleton

(Image credit: Epic Games)

The skeleton of Doggus that remains as a lasting reminder of its fight with Cattus is still prominent on the Fortnite map too, but it's evolved somewhat. Tree have sprung around the bones, sprinkling red leaves all over the ground in an interesting pattern. Could this be a sign of things to come?

Retail Row

Fortnite Rift Zone Retail Row

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Another area affected by a Rift Zone, the futuristic Mega Mall has been replaced by the familiar Retail Row from seasons past. However, it has also been infested by the Horde, so you'll need to fight against the Fiends that spawn if you enter this location.

Indoor Soccer Stadium

(Image credit: Epic Games)

To the west of Tilted, there used to be a large indoor soccer stadium, along with an abandoned swimming pool and one of the Fortnite gas stations, where now there is... nothing, except a few pieces of broken equipment and some pipes. On the plus side, this location is now where Fortnite glitched foraged items are spawning, should you need to track them down.

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