Fortnite Lantern Festival 2024: How to access it and solve puzzles

Fortnite Lantern Festival
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The Fortnite Lantern Festival is beginning to draw to a close, so you have until April 10 to complete all of the available activities and challenges across the special Lantern Fest Oasis map. With the final entries of the Boxed Up lost lantern and Flashback riddle now available, you can use my solutions to tick off all of those assignments and ensure you don't get stuck on any of them. Don't forget that you can use the Signal Remote device you start off with to warp to the relevant areas of the experience, so you don't need to seek them all out.

There's plenty of XP to be earned by beating these assignments, and you'll also work your way towards unlocking food items so you can lay the table for a feast. If you're looking for how to access the Lantern Festival in Fortnite or trying to find solutions to the Lost Lanterns and Riddles, I'm here to help.

How to access the Fortnite Lantern Festival 2024

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It can be tricky to find the Fortnite Lantern Festival 2024, as it isn't appearing front and center on the main lobby screen. If you scroll down and look through categories such as Epic's Picks then you might spot the Lantern Fest Oasis on there, which is the location we want to head to, but the easiest way to access it is to move to the magnifying glass tab on the top bar, then use that to search for Island Code 5629-9147-3382 – you don't need to enter the dashes. Once you've got it, you can add it to your favorites to quickly find it again.

How to find the Lost Lanterns in Fortnite Lantern Fest

Fortnite Lantern Festival Lost Lanterns

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There are four Lost Lanterns puzzles to complete in the Fortnite Lantern Festival, which will unlock over the course of the event. These involve ticking off certain tasks, in order to track down and interact with the Lost Lantern hiding somewhere in the level.

Rooftop Lantern

Fortnite Lantern Festival Rooftop Lantern

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Search around the area until you find a stack of Planks on top of a wooden crate next to a building and some Stringy Twine by some orange pillars in a corner of the area. When you have both of those look for a barrel to interact with under a giant hook and use that to exchange the items for a fishing rod. Next, go to the small pool in the corner of the area and fish to collect a Hop Flopper, then return to the middle of the zone and look up for a rooftop with the lantern on top. Consume the Hop Flopper and use the extra jump height to reach the rooftop, then interact with the Lost Lantern to complete the challenge.

Maze Lantern

Fortnite Lantern Festival Maze Lantern

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To navigate through the maze, follow the corridor around then go right at the first junction, through the wall opening on the left and follow the right path, at the cactus turn left then follow the path right past a skull, go left then immediately right at the next wall opening, past a palm tree on the corner then go right through a blocky archway, past another skeleton then to your right through the wall opening taking the left path, go around the corner then go to the left of the cactus and you'll see the Lost Lantern ahead to collect.

Guarded Lantern

Fortnite Lantern Festival Guarded Lantern

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Turn to face the sarcophagus, then go down the hallway on the right hand side to a room full of treasures. Climb up the barrels and walk through the green fake wall section to find a switch, then turn it on. This will open the sarcophagus back in the main room, revealing the Lost Lantern inside, so go back there to collect it.

Boxed Up Lantern

Fortnite Lantern Festival Boxed Up Lantern

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From the starting area, follow the corridor down the stairs, around, and back up the stairs until you arrive in a room with three exits. Go through the opening on your left, then turn right and follow the corridor around to a room, then look in the back right corner to find the Lost Lantern behind some pots.

How to solve the Riddles in Fortnite Lantern Fest

Fortnite Lantern Festival Riddles

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There are also four Riddles to solve in the Fortnite Lantern Festival, and again these will unlock over time as the event rolls on. You'll need to read the clues, then use them to carry out the correct actions in a limited amount of time in order to solve the Riddle.

Royale Race Riddle

Fortnite Lantern Festival Royale Race Riddle

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For the Royale Race Riddle, you need to study the clues and then move the Falcon, Camel, and Horse markers between three different items each, to match them up in the correct order. You're against the clock, so use the Interact prompts in the order listed below to complete the three phases of this puzzle:

  1. Falcon x1
  2. Falcon x2, Camel x2, Horse x1
  3. Horse x1, Falcon x2, Camel x2

Curious Mouse Riddle

Fortnite Lantern Festival Curious Mouse Riddle

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For the Curious Mouse Riddle, you have to think outside the box a little, as the answer is actually written on the walls in the main riddle hall. Look around and you'll see six images containing a mixture of objects, with a little mouse in or on one of them. When you enter the riddle room, interact with the torches to light them in the following order:

  1. House
  2. Well
  3. Camel
  4. Bottle
  5. Bird
  6. Horse

Unfinished Work Riddle

Fortnite Lantern Festival Unfinished Work Riddle

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For the Unfinished Work Riddle, don't worry too much about the actual text of the riddle and instead focus on rotating each piece of the puzzle until they follow the shape of a pyramid section – ie wider at the base than the top. You'll need to rotate every piece, likely multiple times each, but when the last one is in position the full pyramid will assemble. 

Flashback Riddle

Fortnite Lantern Festival Flashback Riddle

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For the Flashback Riddle, you need to "look behind, and complete the quest" – which refers to the previous three riddles, and specifically the colors of the items displayed once you've completed them. Enter the riddle room, then turn on the following colors by interacting with them:

  • Camel: Red + Green (= Yellow)
  • Horse: Green + Blue (= Cyan)
  • Pyramid: Red + Green + Blue (= White)
  • Mouse: Green
  • Bird: Red

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