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Fortnite weapon upgrade bench locations: Where to sidegrade and upgrade your guns in Chapter 2

Introduced with the arrival of the new chapter, Fortnite weapon upgrade benches let you bypass the random loot system to a degree by spending materials to increase the rarity of the guns you've found. This is absolutely worth doing, as rarer weapons deal more damage and therefore give you a competitive edge over your opponents in Fortnite. There are plenty of Fortnite weapon upgrade bench locations spread around the island, where you can spent materials to upgrade or even sidegrade certain weapons. If you're working through the Fortnite TNTina's Trial challenges then you'll be looking to use upgrade benches to sidegrade a weapon, so follow our guidance and we'll show you all of the Fortnite weapon upgrade bench locations we've found.

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Fortnite weapon upgrade bench locations

(Image credit: Epic Games)

The map above shows all of the Fortnite weapon upgrade locations we've managed to find on the map, for a grand total of 24. There could well be a more hiding away – please let us know if there are – but if you're looking to upgrade your weapons in exchange for materials in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2, these are the places you need to be visiting.

Most Fortnite weapon upgrade benches are found inside buildings, as they're rarely out in the open, so if you can't find it at first glance make sure you're checking in every room. They can be used multiple times too, so don't worry about the upgrade benches disappearing after you upgrade your weapons once. There's enough there for the whole squad, as long as you have enough materials available to purchase the improvements!

How to use an Upgrade Bench to sidegrade a weapon in Fortnite

Fortnite upgrade and sidegrade weapons

(Image credit: Epic Games)

As well as upgrading your weapon to the next rarity tier, you can also use a Fortnite weapon upgrade bench to sidegrade a weapon. This means converting a standard assault rifle to a heavy assault rifle, or vice-versa, and unlike the upgrading process the cost to do this is a minimal 20 of each building material. Currently you can only sidegrade standard/heavy assault rifles, so don't try to do this with any other weapons as the option won't be available.

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