How to level up fast in Fortnite, earn XP and get those rewards


The Fortnite progression system can seem complicated at first. When playing for the first time, you're not only wondering exactly how to play Fortnite, but you're also greeted with your Fortnite Season Level and your free Battle Pass tier. The latter you can choose to upgrade this to the paid Battle Pass tier if you want. But, both of these levels increase at different rates and are dependent upon two things: XP and Battle Stars. 

XP is what you need to boost your Season Level, which you'll just get by playing, while your Battle Pass tier is all about the Battle Stars, which can be earned by completing Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges or the Daily Challenges. 

On the other hand, your season level - more specifically, your total XP - unlocks more accessories for both the Drift and Ragnarok skins in the paid battle pass. Drift is granted upon purchase while Ragnarok is the exclusive Fortnite Tier 100 Challenge skin, so you need to be increasing both your battle pass tier and season level to unlock the fully kitted out version. Thankfully, the two come hand in hand.

The thing is, other than playing a lot, is there a key way to level up quickly? Fortnite can become somewhat of a grind if you want to increase your season level quickly but thankfully, there are a couple of ways to earn extra XP than usual.

Play with your friends in squads, or at least duos

Playing in a Fortnite Squad match

When you buy the Battle Pass, any friend that you play with receives an XP boost. That boost increases as you climb tiers and of course, that means that if they have the Battle Pass, you receive a nice boost too. If you can persuade three friends to pick up the battle pass and play squads, even a game where you finish in the middle of the pack will reward you with more XP than you would if you placed top five in a solo game.

Of course, placing well helps too, as does eliminating opponents. The more kills you get and the higher you finish will reward you with gradually more XP and if you earn a Victory Royale, you’ll be looking at a healthy dose of swift levelling. Once you reach certain milestones in the Battle Pass, you’re rewarded with chunks of XP too, so don’t forget about earning those Battle Stars.

Complete the Daily Challenges

Examples of the Fortnite Daily Challenges

Every single day, you’re given a new challenge, and you can have up to a maximum of three at any one time. They can range from getting four kills with a shotgun to playing a match with a friend, or placing top 12 in squads. Completing each one rewards you with a hefty amount of XP each time, along with five or 10 Battle Stars. Even if you can’t complete the challenge that day, make sure you at least log on to collect it or check out which ones you've been dealt that day. Fortnite is now available on iOS, Nintendo Switch and it’s coming to Android soon so there’s almost no reason you can’t just open the game once per day to collect the challenge then complete it at a later date.

Don’t forget that you can also re-roll one challenge per day if you’re not fond of what it’s offering. Need to place top 50 in solo three times but you only play with pals? Re-roll it and there’s a good chance you’ll be granted an objective that is more suitable to your style of play. Unfortunately, you can’t re-roll the weekly Battle Pass Challenges, so you need to keep attempting those until you’re successful.

Buy yourself the Battle Pass and tick off those challenges

Fortnite battle pass challenges screen

If you want to buy the Battle Pass, that's another sure-fire way to earn yourself some delicious XP. Because then you open up the opportunity to have seven Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges a week, and completing four of them gets you at least 5,000 XP. That goes up incrementally by 1,000 XP from week six onwards. 

If you don't buy the Battle Pass, you only get access to three challenges, which means you can't unlock that XP reward. But for only 950 V-Bucks you get a whole load of content, and not to mention all that sweet swag.

Keep an eye out for Double XP weekends

Fortnite Double XP weekend

Introduced at the end of last season, Fortnite now has double XP weekends, or more specifically, 200% XP weekends. Your XP earned can go over 100% so to avoid confusion, Epic opted for a firm 200% XP boost rather than doubling whatever you currently earn.

No doubt there will be another one for Fortnite season 5 and it’s likely to come toward the end, in the final few weeks. So don’t panic too much if you’re lagging behind and are afraid you won’t unlock the fully equipped Ragnarok - as long as you’re free to play during a 200% XP weekend, you should be fine.

Unfortunately, there’s no quick cheat to gain a lot of ranks, unless you need battle pass tiers and decide to purchase them for 150 V-Bucks each. Kills in-game grant some XP but not loads, while revives still don’t give any XP whatsoever. Fact of the matter is, there’s only one surefire way to level up as quickly as possible and that’s to play a lot. With over seven weeks left in the season however, there’s plenty of time to play.