Best Fortnite creative codes for January 2019


Welcome to the world of Fornite Creative codes. Are you looking for a break from following our Fortnite tips for Fortnite season 7? Why not try some custom matches in the new Fortnite creative mode? Since the mode launched in December 2018, the community has wasted no time creating some incredible maps and minigames. From mazes and adventure maps playable completely solo, to faithful legacy map recreations and deathmatch arenas, there's something for everyone in these codes for Fortnite Creative mode.

Note that we are only including creative maps with codes that are also playable arenas or courses. So while it's impressive, things like this Millenium Falcon replica don't count. Also, if something has been featured on The Block in-game previously, we won't highlight it here because millions of people have already played it.

Lordly Labyrinth [jespergran] - 1991-9282-9857

First up is Lordly Labyrinth by Reddit user jespergran. This is an official submission for The Block but it may be some time before we see it featured there, so for now you can enjoy this wintery hedge maze complete with a small castle in creative mode. It's great for games of hide and seek or some small deathmatches, and most impressively, it only uses up 33,000 capacity. Efficient!

Escape the Dream [QJAG] - 5496-4876-0626

From the screenshot, this may look like Fortnite on acid and to be honest, it's probably not far off. Escape the Dream is a short adventure map that can be played with anywhere from 1-12 people. QJAG encourages players to "think outside the box and don't trust your eyes" in this truly creative and unique map.

Cizzorz DeathRun 2.0 [ItsCizzorz] - 1579-1331-4850

Cizzorz is one of the best Fortnite streamers and a pro player for FaZe Clan, so to master his death run course, you need to have incredible understanding of the intricate Fortnite mechanics. Being able to pinpoint your landings with Impulse Grenades, triggering damage traps then running through them without being hurt, and using chiller traps to make some incredible parkour jumps are just three examples of the skills you'll need to display to reach the end of this incredibly tough course.

Edit/Aim Practice Course [JBSwishy] - 8671-4012-6897

There's plenty of aim/edit courses available, but most of them are incredibly tough and suitable only for PC players. This iteration from JBSwishy isn't quite as demanding, so it's perfect for console players who are looking to improve their swift editing skills, especially since you can tackle the parts of the course in any order you want.

Fancy Favela [Jacomet] - 1115-5430-5035 

Despite the oxymoron in the name, this map will channel some serious nostalgia for any Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 players. It's not a remake, but this favela map plays very similarly and condenses an impressive amount of detail into the small space. Unfortunately, this isn't an official submission for The Block so we won't see it in the battle royale mode but it's perfect for custom matches with friends.

Grapple Course [Mo-Knowz] - 7390-6759-2095

This grapple course isn't for the faint hearted. It's one of the toughest we've seen, as you need to dodge hundreds of damage traps and pull off some incredibly tough grapples to make your way to the end. Also, if you want to laugh at your friends failing to complete it, there's a spectator deck for anybody on team two.

Crux Metalis [WertAndrew] - 4861-4018-6615

The screenshot doesn't quite do this map justice, since it's a mini-city with a cyberpunk aesthetic, it was hard to frame the entire creation. There's numerous towering buildings and winding alleyways, along with the nightclub music from the industrial part of the battle royale map playing in the centre. Creator WertAndrew says there's "over 60 good spots" for use in a hide and seek match, and we reckon there's probably even more.

Dust II [VariousPurple] - 1068-0274-9341

In terms of faithful map recreations, there are none better than VariousPurple's Dust II. This map is familiar to any Counter-Strike player, whether you're from the original days of 1.6 or the more recent Global Offensive. It can be tricky to accurately judge the scale when building map replicas in another game, but this Dust II replica is almost perfectly to scale. In Fortnite, it's perfect for a deathmatch or free-for-all between friends.

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