Fortnite Satellite Stations locations - where to find special crates

Fortnite satellite stations locations
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Fortnite satellite stations were once the jewels in the crown of the Imagined Order, with these IO radar dish bases (which they're also known as due to the huge antennas mounted within them) being key to the battle against the alien invaders in Season 7. They were used to keep a watchful eye over all the extraterrestrial activity taking place until the final strike was ready to launch, but now they are largely abandoned and the Fortnite IO Guards have moved on to Outposts, though they still hold special crates that regularly drop tech weapons and other high level loot.

As we said, the satellite stations were originally established by the Imagined Order to survey and research all the alien activity on the Fortnite island, and while these bases are full of loot and goodies, they are also a good source of vehicles and have a handy launchpad on site, so keep reading for everything you need to know about the Fortnite satellite stations.

Fortnite Satellite Stations locations

Fortnite satellite stations locations

(Image credit: Epic Games)

There are a total of seven Fortnite satellite stations around the island, and you should be able to spot them when you get close due to their prominent dishes with glowing red lights at the tip. Their individual locations are:

  • Discovery Dish - west of Believer Beach
  • Deep Woods Dish - inside Stealthy Stronghold
  • Dinky Dish - southeast of Craggy Cliffs
  • Destroyed Dish - west of Dirty Docks
  • Defiant Dish - east of Weeping Woods
  • Dampy Dish - southwest of Sludgy Swamp
  • Destined Dish - southeast of Misty Meadows

These are handy places to visit, as although they're been abandoned you're still likely to find caches of Fortnite tech weapons, however the IO Guards themselves have now moved on to Outposts. Once you've loaded up on guns and other useful items, you can use the launchpad outside to fire yourself up into the air, then glide on over to your next destination.

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