Fortnite Color Bottles - where to find paint locations to customize Toona Fish

Fortnite Color Bottles Toona Fish
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Fortnite Color Bottles are the collectibles you need to find if you want to give Toona Fish a fresh look by customizing their outfit, to move away from that drab black and white appearance they start with by default. You'll have your work cut out for you if you want to complete the set, as there are 63 paint locations in total to track down in Fortnite, as well as lots of Rainbow Ink to gather up. We've taken the edge off this task by bringing you all of the Fortnite Color Bottles locations, as well as the details on where to collect Rainbow Ink and how to use these newly unlocked colors to customize Toona Fish.

Important note: In order to start collecting Fortnite Color Bottles, you must first unlock the Toona Fish outfit from page 1 of the Battle Pass, otherwise the paint locations will not appear and you won't be able to collect them.

Fortnite Color Bottles locations

Fortnite Color Bottles Toona Fish

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There are 21 sets of Fortnite Color Bottles in total, with each having three individual paint pots to collect and unlock that color. You can see your progress on this by going to the Battle Pass tab in the menu, then choosing the Paint A Toona Fish option. This is where you'll find each set of Fortnite Color Bottles:

  1. Knightly Crimson - Fort Crumpet
  2. Y-Labs Magenta - Misty Meadows
  3. Cuddly Pink - Steamy Stacks
  4. Ruby Red - Lockie's Lighthouse
  5. Renegade Red - Boney Burbs
  6. Pumpkin Orange - The Orchard
  7. Midas Gold - Catty Corner

  8. Desert Sand - wreckage west of Pleasant Park
  9. Banana Yellow - Rainbow Rentals
  10. Leafy Green - Stealthy Stronghold
  11. Recruit Green - Weeping Woods bridge
  12. Codename G.R.N. - Corny Crops
  13. Ghoulish Green - Shanty Town
  14. Slurp Turquoise - Sludgy Swamp

  15. Diamond Blue - Gorgeous Gorge
  16. Frozen Blue - Coral Castle
  17. Crystalline Blue - wreckage south of Dirty Docks
  18. Brite Purple - Retail Row
  19. Mezmerizing Violet - wreckage south of Believer Beach
  20. Robotic Grey - Destroyed Dish
  21. Stone Grey - Mount F8

A lot of those descriptions are based around landmarks, rather than named POIs you can see on the map. If you're not sure where to go for any of them, these are the Fortnite Color Bottles locations you need to visit:

(click for full-screen map) (Image credit: Epic Games)

When you reach one of those Fortnite paint locations, look for the floating Color Bottles collectibles then simply run through them to pick the items up. Icons for them will appear on your map and minimap when you're close, which you should then be able to follow to the exact places where the paint can be found. All three will be close by, so you should be able to complete each Fortnite Color Bottles set in a single visit to the paint locations.

Fortnite Rainbow Ink locations

Fortnite Color Bottles Rainbow Ink

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Fortnite Rainbow Ink is a random drop you get from opening chests, so unfortunately there aren't any set locations you can guarantee getting it from. However, you should be able to find plenty of chests during the normal course of a battle royale, and the drops are quite generous – so whenever you see a Rainbow Ink drop while opening a chest as shown in the screen above, then some more has been added to your inventory.

How to customize Toona Fish with Fortnite Color Bottles

Fortnite Color Bottles Toona Fish

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Once you start unlocking Fortnite Color Bottles, you can use them to customize the appearance of Toona Fish and create your own personal look. To do this, head to your Locker and highlight the Toona Fish outfit, then follow the prompt to Edit Style. The first page feature Character Styles you unlock through the Battle Pass screen using Rainbow Ink, but if you tab over to the Custom Style page then you can apply any unlocked Fortnite Color Bottles to your Head, Accessories, Hat, Shoes, Gloves, Arms, Legs, Socks, and Scarf. This means that if you've unlocked every option then there are a total of *grabs calculator* 1,207,269,217,792 different color combinations possible... which is a lot, so get experimenting and have fun with it!

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