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Where to find Fortnite IO guards in Season 8 at an IO Base

Fortnite IO Guards locations Season 8
(Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite IO guards can still be found across the Fortnite Island even in Season 8 after the Operation: Sky Fire event. Previously, the guards would usually be found hanging about at Fortnite satellite stations, but those are now either damaged or abandoned, so you'll have to look in several new IO bases. There are five of these small bases around the Island, as well as the new Mountain Base landmark near Catty Corner that was previously sealed off. If you head to one of these IO bases, you're sure to find a few Fortnite IO guards on patrol there. Fortnite 

These IO guards aren't particularly clever or mobile, but don't underestimate them, as they'll easily gun you down if you get caught off guard, especially if they manage to gang up on you. Taking them down will cause them to drop some loot too, but there are special crates in their IO bases that are worth plundering. Plus, if you knock them down instead of eliminating them, you can give them a shakedown to gain some intel and scan the area, revealing other nearby guards through walls.

Whether you're trying to visit or search a chest in an IO Base, eliminate Fortnite IO guards, or just dance near them, here's where you can find them

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Fortnite IO Guards locations in Season 8

(Image credit: Epic Games)

There are Fortnite IO guards around the island at five IO Bases and the new Mountain Base near Catty Corner, which we've marked on the map above. You'll find them in the following locations:

  • IO Base Oscar - northwest of Lazy Lake near Gas N' Grub
  • IO Base Rio - east of Pleasant Park near Grumpy Gravel
  • IO Base Domino - southwest of Holly Hedges near Rainbow Rentals
  • IO Base Echo - southwest of Misty Meadows near Apres Ski
  • IO Base Roger - north of Dirty Docks on the coast
  • Mountain Base - northwest of Dirty Docks near Compact Cars

Interestingly, the first letters of the base codenames spells out O-R-D-E-R, confirming the Imagined Order's control over them. When you arrive at any of these Fortnite IO guards locations, you'll need to keep an eye out for these ominous, shadowy soldiers, although their loud radio chatter often gives them away too:

Fortnite chapter 2 season 8 io mountain base guards

(Image credit: Epic Games)

It's always going to be a risk if you take the guards on in a fight, as they patrol in groups and communicate with each other to locate threats, so as soon as one knows you're there – say, because you're shooting them – then the rest will too. If you're not careful you'll start taking damage from all directions and, while a one-on-one fight isn't too much of a problem, several Fortnite IO guards piling in can soon leave you heavily damaged and at a disadvantage going forward. If you don't need to engage them for the particular quest you're working on, you can stay hidden and do what you need without being detected.

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8 io mountain base doctor slone boss

(Image credit: Epic Games)

If you head to the new Mountain Base, which is accessible via a road to the east of Catty Corner that heads directly down into the mountain where the base it, you'll also run into Doctor Slone. She's incredibly strong and carries her personal Burst Assault Rifle and has lots of health and shields. She's also got the ability to create a couple of weak decoys that can eliminate you too. It's not really worth fighting Slone if you're alone because you'll get through so much ammunition and so many healing items even if you do manage to bring her down. 

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